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What Would I Feed Jesus?

Transform Burien Invites You Festive Community Christmas Meal

By Martin Barrett

  No ‘Little Debbies’ when Jesus comes over.”

“If Jesus came to dinner, what would I feed Him?” Transform Outreach Director Greg Henken asked himself. “I realized that how we’ve been feeding our guests, our people is not how we would feed Jesus.”

Henken regularly hears from the families that come for the Sunday meal and groceries how grateful they are for the healthy fruits and vegetables. “The families tend to fill their bags with healthy items. Moms want healthy food because they love their kids,” added Henken.

On the other hand, those who have addiction issues often choose desserts, the sugary items. “Some of our guests struggle with addiction and are drawn to sugar. It feeds their chemical addiction. It is not good for them. It is empty calories with no nutritional benefit. The effects of healthy foods versus junk foods on our bodies and minds are clearly understood. Having all the sugar and processed food available for easy taking was not the best way to love and support these folks. And it is not what I would serve Jesus. No ‘Little Debbies’ when Jesus comes over – I would want to serve Him wholesome, tasty, and nutritious food. If we love people like Jesus, then we should feed people like we would feed Jesus,” said Henken. 

In a bold move, Henken, who was the one who brought the sweets to Transform in the first place, is now taking them out—no more temptation for kids and those with chemical issues. 

However, Henken’s girlfriend is a baker. The plan is to have homemade cupcakes and birthday celebrations for Transform’s guests once a month. “This gives us a reason to enjoy something special. We want to celebrate the birthdays of those who come to Transform. The cupcakes will be made from scratch without all the added chemicals,” Henken said.

Please help Transform by donating healthy foodstuffs: vegetables, fruit, nonperishables, quality meats, and cheeses. Financial donations are also welcome. Visit transformoutreach.org/donate to learn more about donating.

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