How to Take the First Step on Your Quest for Personal Growth

By Janet Lovelace Personal growth is a journey without a destination — there are many paths to take, but the experiences you have along the...

Hidden Health Issues: Mercury Poisoning

Things have changed a lot since the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were surrounded by plants and clean, fresh air in the garden....

Healthy Living – Yeast Overgrowth or “Candida Albicans”

As I was attending and studying at the university, I was dealing with a terrible case of acne. Acne was not a part of...

Healthy Living: What About Those New Year’s Resolutions, Anyway?

Yes, it has happened again! The year 2022 is now over, and 2023 has descended upon us. So, is it time to make a...
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Healthy Living: Nana’s Tips For Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

Nana's Tips For A Healthy Holiday Season The super-flu bugs and Covid 19 have come "onto the scene," leaving people physically wasted for weeks with...

Healthy Living: A Hidden Cause of Health Issues — Parasites

By Nana When I was six years old, I became very ill with flu-like symptoms. I was running a low-grade fever and could not hold...

Boulevard Park Place Retirement Community Supports Nonprofits in Burien

By Beth Barrett. Around Burien, in our many neighborhoods, people are doing good things. In our far northeast corner, bordered by Seattle and SeaTac, a...

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