Just Before You Hold Her: An Original Poem

"Just Before You Hold Her" by Narnia Girl So! Welcome To the club! Of mortals, Weak and flawed Who dare to raise Beauties Lately come from Heaven's sod. This eternal light, Breathed just now From God's heart,...

On Becoming a Mother: An Original Poem

On Becoming a Mother by Narnia Girl To the newest mother I know: Though you cannot see Your child, You have her In tow. Tucked beneath Your breast, The beat of your heart She hears While...

Easter Reflections: The First Easter

"The First Easter" The little children played along the dusty road In that far-distant land, And there came One who was their friend, Who walked with them and...

The Old Coat, Poem

By Nom de Plume Once there was a man He walked hurt, throughout the land, ‘Cause he remembered sorrow and he remembered pain. So feeling cold and naked,...

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