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Cydney Moore’s Claims Do Not Match the Facts

Below is a Letter to the Editor, it is presented as it was sent to Burien-News:

On March 9, 2023, Council member Cydney Moore signed and posted a letter to a local Burien media source. Moore wants the public to believe that the person who started a fire in his tent right next to the Burien City Hall/Library, which resulted in significant burns, didn’t know a cold weather shelter was available for him to stay. This requires readers to believe that Burien LEAD, the city’s Human Services Department, the Burien police, and members of several non-profit groups were not in regular contact with these tent campers and did not share that information about where they could find cold sheltering locations. Her claims do not seem credible. Residents report the City Hall tent campers being contacted regularly. Several tent campers are participants in the Burien LEAD program which claims to be in regular contact with their tent campers providing information about sheltering and housing.

Council member Cydney Moore claims to be a sympathetic person, but over her years on the Council, Moore has not displayed understanding qualities to anyone who disagrees with her politically. For example, she told any Burien business-person who didn’t agree with her to leave town.

On November 3, 2022, Cydney Moore was one of several Burien City Council members who signed a document calling on all county and city leaders to make data-driving decisions. Yet, Moore disregards the data shown in the Seattle Times article on Spending by King County cities. Burien is second only to Seattle. See the table below or click here for the link. Is data only relevant when it fits her desired outcome? 

Her claims that those who caused the tent fire did not know of alternative shelters are not credible. She fails to use the data. How can we believe her?


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