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Resident Raises Questions About the Highline District and Healthpoint Operating Practices

Below is a testimony to the Highline School Board by Annemarie Kebre on March 1st:

Very little information was provided on the Healthpoint websites about the clinics and clinic services.  I’d like to learn more about the cost, scope and objectives of the Healthpoint clinics on the campuses at Evergreen, Highline and Tyee High Schools.   

Here are some areas of importance that would be helpful to address on the website and in addition, schedule listening sessions for the constituents of the Highline District:

1.     Are parents/guardians informed of services for their child? If not, is a student given an option to sign a waiver to grant permission? 

2.     Are parents/guardians able to attend appointments?

3.     Are students being referred to clinic services?  If so, when, how, and by who are students being referred to the clinic services?

4.     If referred, who is trained to refer and what are their specialties? What symptoms and/or behavior would lead to a referral and are those symptoms and/or behavior publicly listed?

5.     If a student is led or “by choice” seeks care, what mental health, medical and/or dental history is being utilized by the staff at Healthpoint?  

6.     How are students who may have additional learning struggles scheduled? Will they miss important learning time, potentially requiring extra help? 

7.     When will information be provided in another language other than English and sometimes, Spanish?

8.     What are the clinic’s “success” metrics?

9.     How is this budgeted? 

10.  Are there any “per student” budget impacts to the curriculum?

While it sounds like a convenient option to serve the students and families of Highline, there are still some unresolved questions in order for parents to be informed. Board Directors, please provide further information on Health Point clinics.

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