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Highline School Board Summary: 1/18/23

Summary of Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Meeting Recording

Board Meeting Transcript

Special meetings held before the Board meeting:

4:00 – 4:15 Public Hearing on Capital Projects Fund (Video recording) (Budget plan

Becca Chen (CFO) & James Schauss (Procurement & Budget Manager of Capital Projects) presented the Capital Budget Extension request based on the $518M 2022 Bond passage to replace three aging schools.

2022-23 Capital Budget Amount (before Bond) $19,281,000.

2022-23 Capital Budget Amount (after Bond) $82,860,132.

Net Increase: $63,579,132 (Introduction Item 10.6).

4:20 – 5:50 Executive Session on Superintendent Evaluation (performance review)

Roll Call: President Van, Vice President Alvarez, Director Howell, Director Hagos – present

Director Garcia – participated remotely

Superintendent Duran – present

Scheduled Communications: (Note: Podium has been moved to the center front of the room facing the Board Directors)

  1. Ruth Storkel (Sex Education and Driver’s Education)-A retired teacher who expressed concern about young school children being taught inappropriate sex education. She made the argument that we don’t teach elementary children Driver’s Ed because they are not developmentally ready, so why teach them Sex Ed. at an inappropriate age?
  2. Kristin Pleschke (IRI & Social Justice Standards), Evergreen HS Teacher, thanked the Board for supporting IRI (Instruction on Race and Identity) and said it positively correlated with students’ ability to learn based on school surveys.
  3. Patricia Bailey (School Reform) Talked about Transformative SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and how it is no longer a value-neutral program. She shared some criticisms quoted from Max Eden – an Education Researcher who testified before congress.
  4. Katy Radelich (Audience Participation) is Highline Parent who made a straightforward request to the Board to make no revisions to policy 1430 – (Audience Participation). She said she finds it valuable to hear what teachers, fellow community members, and parents have to say.
  5. Sandy Hunt (Equity Conference & History of Black Lives Matter in Highline), Highline Education Association President, spoke about incorporating the Black Lives Matter curriculum the first week in February. She said the curriculum comes from Rainier Educators of Color. Here is the week’s theme:

Monday: Restorative Justice, Empathy, and Loving Engagement

Tuesday: Diversity and Globalism

Wednesday: Trans-affirming, Queer-affirming, and Collective Value

Thursday: Intergenerational Black Families and Black Villages

Friday: Black Women and Unapologetically Black

She mentioned some Highline Administrators support it, and others do not.

1. Jerry Jordan (Construction Trades), Director of Park Program, which is a registered pre-apprenticeship training program. The focus is to get the underrepresented population in the community trained in construction trades

2. Alex Myrick (Audience Participation) Stated that the Board’s proposed policy changes to 1430 (Audience Participation Policy) were unnecessary, counterproductive, and of doubtful constitutionality. 

3. Jennifer Patrick (Community Workforce Agreements) Alumni of Highline Public Schools. Currently, an apprentice with the Ironworkers and is grateful for this opportunity. Proposes Community Workforce Agreement for other Highline students to benefit.

Superintendent’s Update

Superintendent Duran discussed his desire to make Special Ed more inclusive. 

Visited Northshore School District, Ruby Bridges Elementary, and said it was a state model site for inclusive education.

Reported on Superintendent Student Leadership Team.

Speak with purpose program – teaches youth to speak in public, comfortably share their stories and experiences, and engage an audience.

School Board Reports:

Legislative Report: Register for WSSDA Legislative Conference February 26, 27

Director Reports

Director Howell:

Visited Maritime High School – discussed MLK celebration – featured author Arshay Cooper of the book “A Most Beautiful Thing” gave an inspirational talk at Maritime.

Invitation to North Hill Multicultural Night January 20, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Potluck, crafts, food

Director Hagos:

Appreciated the variety of ways schools celebrate MLK Day.

Winter Job Fair Announcement – Saturday, February 25, at Central Office. Looking for Highline Staff.

Volunteer Opportunity – Des Moines Elementary needs Reading Buddies for 1 hour weekly.

Director Garcia:

Invitation to Lunar Year Celebration at White Center Heights on January 19.

Director Alvarez

Appreciated Kisa Hendrickson and Team for the workshop on Navigating School Systems and appreciated it was Bilingual

2023 Gold Star Award Nominations are open – Time to nominate somebody (teacher, counselor, bus driver, custodian, or staff member) who has significantly impacted students and schools. Visit Highline Foundations Website, Due February 10

Director Van:

Highline Scholarships available – Time to apply, 32 awards available, apply through Highline Foundation website: highlineschoolsfoundation.org – due February 28

Consent Agenda: (Approved 5-0)

Approval of January 4, Board Meeting Minutes 

Approval of Payroll Warrants and Approval of Accounts Payable Vouchers, Director Garcia and Director Hagos

Approval of Personnel Report (revised 1.18.2023)

Action Items Moved to Consent Agenda: 

8.4 Motion to approve Resolution No. 06-23 Approval of the 2022 Study and Survey Report (Approved 5/0)

8.8 Motion to Approve Revision of Highline School District Athletic Coaches’ Salary Schedule, effective with high school winter season and middle school third season of the 2022-23 school year. (revised 1.4.23) (Approved 5/0)  

8.9  Motion to Approve Revision of Highline School District Classified Substitute Employees’ Salary Schedule, Effective January 1, 2023. (Approved 5/0)

Introduction Items Moved to Consent Agenda for 2/1/23: 

10.3 Motion to Approve Annual PSSC Perkins Grant Amount of $67,958.

10.4 Motion to Approve Tyee High School Design Project- Approval of Contract Amendment No. 2 and Increase of Purchase Order P201436 – Integrus Architecture – Architecture and Engineering     Amount of $4,014,834 to continue with the post-bond services of the new Tyee High School Replacement Project.

10.5 . Motion to Approve Evergreen High School Design Project – Approval of Contract Amendment No. 2 and Increase of Purchase Order P201331 – Bassetti Architects – Architectural and Engineering Services Amount of $4,786,031 to continue with the post-bond services of the new Evergreen High School Replacement Project.

Action Items 

8.1 Motion for Approval of Project and Construction Management Services for Evergreen High School Replacement Project with Vanir Construction Management, Inc. Amount of $2,845,240 for construction management support services supporting the Evergreen High school replacement project. (Approved 5/0)

8.2 Motion to approve Resolution 04-23 Highline High School – Acceptance of Building Commissioning Report. Upon receipt of all submittal requirements, the Superintendent must sign the construction contract with Cornerstone General Contractor in the amount of $508,829.35. (Approved 5/0)

8.3  Motion to approve Evergreen High School Replacement Project- Award of General Contractor /Construction Manager(“GC/CM”) Contract for Pre-Construction Services    Allows the Superintendent, upon receipt of all submittal requirements to sign the construction contract with Cornerstone General Contractor for $508,829.35. (Approved 5/0)

8.4 Moved to Consent Agenda

8.5  Motion to approve Resolution No. 07-23 White Center Elementary School – Water District 20 – Easement and Bill of Sale  (Approved 5/0)

8.6  Motion for Approval to Award MicroK12 Contract for Security Video Replacement, Phase 2    Allows the Superintendent, upon receipt of all submittal requirements, to sign the construction contract with Micro K12 for $1,646,305.80, plus Washington State sales tax. (Approved 5/0)

8.7      Motion to approve Use of 2016 Bond Contingency for Projects listed in 2016 Bond Prior to the Sale of 2022 Bond  Option to use funds from the Program Contingency Budget to pay the Projects’ expenditures, which may be reimbursed from proceeds from the 2023 bonds. (Approved 5/0)

8.8 Moved to Consent Agenda

8.9 Moved to Consent Agenda

8.10 Motion to Approve Revisions to Board Policy 1430, Audience Participation, and approval of new Board Procedure 1430. Reduces speaker time from 4 minutes to 2 minutes; prioritizes agenda item public comment; removes unscheduled speaker time.

  • Split Vote (Approved 4/1) Director Hagos voted Nay.
  • Holly Fergusen reported on surrounding districts’ practices and time allotment for public comments at meetings.
  • Director Alvarez commented that most of today’s testimonies were only 2 min.
  • Director Van said he appreciated emails from the community.

8.11 Motion to Approve Revisions to Board Policy 1240 Committees (Approved 5/0)

8.12 Motion to Amend existing contract with Soliant Health, LLC to increase contract amount from $540,000 to $1,487,000 (Approved 5/0)

8.13  Motion to Amend existing contract with Community Care LLC to increase contract amount from $225,000 to $710,000 (Approved 5/0)

Introduction and Action Items – none

Introduction Items

10.1 Motion to Approve Resolution No. 02-23 Issuance of Bonds. Initial bond issuance for $280,000,000 to build three new schools. The remainder of the $518,397,000 bond will be sold later.

10.2 Motion to approve Resolution No. 03-23 Requesting a Waiver for Parent-Teacher Conference Days. Approval of this motion would support the resolution for a three-year waiver request from the 180- day school year requirements for three (3) days for 2023-24, 2024-25, and 2025-26 school years for student-led and family-teacher conferences. 

10.3 Moved to Consent Agenda

10.4 Moved to Consent Agenda

10.5 Moved to Consent Agenda

10.6  Motion to approve Resolution No. 08-23 Capital Projects Funds Budget Extension Adoption (Fiscal Year 2022-2023) Increasing the budgeted expenditure amount in the Capital Projects fund by $63,579,132 to $82,860,132. [See Budget Plan]

10.7 Motion to Approve Resolution No. 09-23 New-in-Lieu of Modernization for Evergreen High School Replacement Project and Tyee High School Replacement Project

10.8  Motion to Approve Resolution No. 10-23 Authorization of Signatures for Bond Projects and State-Assisted Projects

Unscheduled Communication

  • Karen Dove – (Construction) Executive Director of ANEW, a nonprofit that provides pre-apprenticeship training. She spoke about Community Workforce Agreements.


Adjourned at 7:06 pm


NEXT Meeting: February 1, 4:00 pm – 5:50 pm

  • School Board Special Meeting – Work Session 

NEXT School Board Meeting: February 1, 2023, 6:00 pm 

General Meeting Information:

Highline School Board meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6 pm in the Central Office Boardroom. 

Community members can give New (two-minute) verbal commentary in Scheduled Communications. 

Call the District Office at 206-631-3070 – New (Sign-up begins at 9:00 am on the Monday of the week of a Board meeting; sign-up closes at 9:00 am on the day of the meeting to be included on the agenda.) 

Board Meetings can be viewed via Live stream.

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