Home Local Government City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/23/2023

City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/23/2023

City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/23/2023

Roll Call: All members present


Introduction of Community Response Team (CRT), e.g. Co-Response Team

  • Presented by Police Chief, Ted Boe. Co-Response entails additional personnel being dispatched in addition or instead of the police officer, with a goal of reducing 911 calls and providing more appropriate assistance.
  • De-Escalation, Crisis teams, Welfare checks, Proactive follow-up to pair homeless with service providers.
  • Burien approved a component of this effort in 2021 via the Public Safety Enhancement Process, second component funded via King County.
  • Detective Scott Mandela heading co-responder program, police liaison to LEAD program, and many other programs.
  • Daisy Espinoza, mental health professional.
  • The co-response professionals are already in place and have been able to assist in multiple situtations.

City Manager Reports

  • Potential measles exposure at Providence Swedish Hospital; King County communicated the information to the city.
  • Informational magnet has been manufactured regarding the tree-cutting regulations that were passed
  • Request for public records liability will shift to individual members of council if not records are not received by their deadlines.
  • Committee recruitment efforts are taking place due to have insufficient candidates to fill their rosters. The Burien Airport Committee has none.
  • Burien Empty Bowls Fundraiser in need of volunteers
  • Annual Utility Tax Relief Program is ongoing. To qualify, community members must be a resident of Burien and have an annual income less than 50 percent of the Area Median Income.

Public Comment

  • John K. – DESC – Concerned about DESC. He personally took a poll of business owners showed that most businesses didn’t know about it and did not approve of it. Requesting that the decision be re-evaluated, he believes there will be a negative impact to public safety and economic development.
  • Gregory R. – Eagle Park Landing Stairs – Requests a vote to approve repair the stairs, raise funds for its repair or other solution.
  • John W. – Eagle Park Landing Stairs – He is a piling expert, having worked on many piling projects downtown and elsewhere; First 8 piers are safe, driven to clay layer; bottom 4 piers are not safe. He agrees to repair those at his expense.
  • Javier S. – Local business owner, organizer of Latino Arts Coalition NW; Upset regarding the lack of attention to his and other Latino businesses. Council has not given any help to his business which was attacked.
  • Jose G. – Executive Director and Founder of the organization Hope for Homies, which works with marginalized communities and Hispanics. Criticized city council and city managers attitude toward Hispanics; their suggestions have been mocked and they have been disrespected.
  • Ginele L. – Boulevard Park Flood Reduction Project – Requested that the project’s discussion be placed on the planning calendar.

Business Agenda

Advancing Racial Equity Committee Briefing

  • Presented by Carolyn Hope and Cathy Schrock.
  • Effort began in 2020; First meeting in 3rd quarter of 2021.
  • The committee’s achievements include: Comprehensive Plan Equity Policies, planning with an equity framework, Economic Development Initiatives, Community Engagement, Continual Learning, and Capital Project Prioritization with Equity Criteria.
  • By 2023, the committee plans to develop an Equity Impact Tool for all departments, a training program for the city, and an Advancing Racial Equity Action plan with metrics.
  • The lessons they have learned are: Move at the speed of trust, progress can take different forms, equity and anti-racism work is interpersonal and ongoing, honoring and building from partners’ preexisting work and knowledge.
  • Several hour workshop to be held on February 3.

Authorization of Staff to Advocate for SB-5257, Ensuring Elementary School Students Receive Sufficient Daily Recess

  • Burien staff who work in schools witness the impacts of not having enough physical activity.
  • Highline Schools does provide recess; Highline Schools is concerned because the bill is broad, and they have concerns about staffing and resources required to provide 45 minutes a day of recess in school.
  • PaRCS will discuss the bill further with Highline Schools to determine what direction should be recommended for Burien regarding the bill.

Levy Lid Lift (Tax Levy Increase) Committee Update

  • Committee formed at the direction of the council as a means to fund Public Safety programs in collaboration with the Burien Police Department.
  • The Committee has met and determined that it will not be an easy increase to implement. Consultants will be used for the Committee’s efforts.
  • Reports from the Financial Consultant provided the baseline required for city operation. The Committee will continue discussions.
  • Ballot measure tentatively to be provided by end of year for a vote early next year.

Introduction to Ordinance No. 768, Amending BMC Chapter 2.35

  • Related to claims against Burien which trigger audits.
  • The Director for Administrative Services was listed as the point of contact in the BMC. After discussion with the directors, the Finance Director was deemed to be the more appropriate point of contact, and this amendment reflects that.
  • The City Hall address was also corrected from the incorrect former address.
  • Vote: Move motion to consent agenda of the next regular business meeting – Approved Unanimously

Introduction to Ordinance No. 762, Amending BMC 1.15.120(5) – Transfer of Ownership

  • Extends the coverage of this code section to real property (rather than just dwelling units and structures), judgments against a person or real property (rather than only notices of violation), and deems the filing of a judgment or court order as notice of the judgment or violation to any potential purchaser.
  • Eliminates loopholes that existed in the code section. Ensures that violations are communicated to potential purchasers of properties.
  • Vote: Move motion to consent agenda of the next regular business meeting – Approved Unanimously
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