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Man Dies in Downtown Burien, Revived with Paramedics and Prayer


By Seth Thomas,
Senior Pastor

Some believe we’re all here by chance, just random configurations of cells and matter. Others believe that the world was created but that whoever it was is gone now or doesn’t do miracles anymore. Then there are others, like me, that believe we are created in God’s image with a body, a soul, and a Spirit. Personally, I’ve seen, heard, and experienced too many supernatural things over the years to believe the former two perspectives. I’ve come to the place where it would take more faith to be an atheist than recognize that I am an adored child of a God who still does miracles today.

On Tuesday night, I was out praying on the rooftop patio at the Maverick. For some reason, I walked from the inner courtyard to the balcony, and my prayer became significantly more intense at the same time. It was like something shifted with a rush of adrenaline, except I didn’t know exactly what I was praying for. I looked out over the city and noticed police lights reflecting off the wall around the corner on 4th Avenue. 

I knew something was up, so I walked down to the street and straight into the scene. There were police cars and ambulances everywhere, with a man lying on the ground next to his car receiving CPR. I told one of the cops that I was a pastor and asked if I could pray for him. He said to let the paramedics do their work but that I could pray for him if I just took a step back. I was about 10 feet away, looking at his lifeless body lying on the asphalt. I began praying, breaking off the spirit of death and declaring life, breath, and healing over him in Jesus’ name. It felt a little awkward in the moment as 10-12 people were scrambling around the scene. The CPR continued, so I continued praying…a deep faith seemed to rise up inside me that was definitely beyond my normal standing. A faith as though he would make it. 

After a few minutes of watching and praying, I heard one of the paramedics call out that it had been 22 minutes since the initial call.

One paramedic switched out where the other one had been doing CPR. Another officer came and asked if I knew the man, to which I replied, “No, I’m just praying for him.” Then they started putting what looked like a blood pressure cuff on his arm, but no one reacted. Then they began to move him to a stretcher. I walked to the side to get a different angle and caught a glimpse of the now pulsing heart rate monitor! I asked the same officer if he was alive, and he said they got a pulse back. I said, ‘praise God, ’ and clapped as I walked back towards the Maverick. One of the officers that I had talked to yelled out, “thanks, brother!” to which I turned and gave a thumbs up.

Some might say that all those events that night are a coincidence, but I think God is much bigger than we think and that He does incredible things when we pray in Jesus’ name. I would love to meet that man and hear his story someday.  

Editors Note: If you know who this man is, please send us a message.

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