Home Education Highline School Board Summary: 9/21/22

Highline School Board Summary: 9/21/22


Highline School Board Summary: 9/21/22

Roll Call: 3 Directors (Garcia, Van, Howell) and Superintendent (Dr. Duran) were present. Directors Alvarez and Hagos had excused absences.

Scheduled Communications:

  • Patricia Bailey (Academic Achievement) – As a past teacher, she discussed child-centered reforms as seeming to be equitable.  However, she felt we need to focus on academics, purpose, skills, and content-focused learning. She feels this is how we will alleviate student disparities.  Create well-designed assessments, instead of discarding all assessments.
  • Deborah Lipp (Contract with Everdriven) – As a school bus driver, she asked why Highline has electric buses going unused, but Highline is giving a $500,000 contract to Everdriven, an alternative transportation contractor.  Suggested we focus on trade schools instead of colleges.  She views the overall Highline District as not so great.  Asked the board to “Stop and think about what you’re doing.”
  • Helen Brown (Teacher Displacement) – White Center Elementary School Counselor- discussed the emotional damage caused by displacing teachers.  Touched on overcrowded, non-dual language classroom sizes and too few counselors to handle the load.
  • Kelsey Roehner (Teacher Displacement) – White Center Elementary School Teacher – discussed the educational disparities caused (especially to black, African American students) when experienced teachers are displaced (moved out), classes are collapsed (size maxed out), and new, inexperienced teachers are brought in.  Staffing policies need to be reviewed.
  • Taylore Dominique (Displaced Teachers) – three year teacher at White Center Elementary (5th grade, non-dual language) – was slated for displacement with only two days notice.  Another teacher volunteered to move, in her stead.  She expressed how disheartening the lack of continued strong community connections and inequity is, and how much it negatively affects the students, especially black and African American.

Director Garcia noted that even though time ran out for one of the speakers, and the board members do not respond after speakers, further follow up comments, directed to the board members, are always welcome.

Superintendent’s Update:

Mercy Housing Northwest – Obinna Amobi, Project Developer

  • Introduced their plan to redevelop a shelter (Mary’s Place) on 130th and Ambaum.  This would create low-income housing for large families, some currently sheltered at Mary’s Place. Current plans are 89 units, half with 2-3 bedrooms.
  • They are seeking funding from the county, etc.
  • Purpose is to provide a pathway to stability for homeless or potentially homeless, instead of living in Mary’s Place shelter.
  • Groundbreaking plans for 2024. Ideally completed by 2026.  Students would be in the Highline School District.

School Board Reports:

  • No Legislative Report by Director Garcia
  • No Other Director Reports

Consent Agenda:   (ALL UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED 3-0)
6.1. Approval of Minutes
6.1.1. August 17, 2022, Special Board Meeting 
6.1.2. September 7, 2022, Board Meeting
6.1.3. September 10, 2022, Board Retreat
6.2. Approval of Accounts Payable Vouchers, Director Alvarez and Director Van
6.3. Approval of Personnel Report  (41 new hires, 18 resignations, 28 other changes)
6.4. Approval of July 2022 Board Financial Report
6.5. Donation to Raisbeck Aviation High School – 2021-22 Scholarships ($241,000 accepted)


Motion to approve 2022-2023 Copiers Northwest Contract Year 2 out of 5.

Introduction and Action Items:  (ALL UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED 3-0)
9.1 – Motion to approve Tyee High School Design Project – Approval of Revised Contract Amendment No.1 and Increase of Purchase Order P201436- Integrus Architecture – Architectural and Engineering Services
Approval of this motion would approve the Revised Contract Amendment No.1 and increase Purchase Order P201436 with Integrus Architecture by $3,515,433.00 to continue the design of Tyee High School.

  • Scott Logan explained items 9.1 and 9.2.  This increase was already built into the contracts, it just needed approval from the board.  Also, this was a modification/correction to the Motions that were passed Sept 7th in the Consent agenda.
  • Director Van asked clarification questions about the budget.
  • Scott answered – yes, still within the previously approved budget.  Also, Covid changed the timelines for planning, so they are now further along than expected. Shovel ready for Evergreen HS if the Nov 8, 2022 bond passes.

9.2 – Motion to approve Evergreen High School Design Project – Approval of Revised Contract Amendment No.1 and Increase of Purchase Order P201331- Bassetti Architects – Architectural and Engineering Services
Approval of this motion would approve the Revised Contract Amendment No.1 and increase Purchase Order P201331 with Bassetti Architects for $3,190,482.00 to continue the design of Evergreen High School.

  • See 9.1 discussion.

9.3 – Motion to Amend Board Procedure 1630P, Evaluation of the Superintendent, and Approving the 22-23 Superintendent Evaluation Focus Themes.  
Approval of this motion would amend Board Procedure 1630P, Evaluation of the Superintendent, as attached to the Board Action Report, and remove Form 1630F.

  • Some general comments regarding the motion, but since it was all discussed in depth at the Sept 10th Board Retreat, there was no additional information given at this meeting. A recording of that Retreat is now posted.
  • Evaluation for the new Superintendent will be based on Washington Standards-Based Superintendent Framework, per WSSDA/WASA.  The board will evaluate Dr. Duran’s performance at least twice per year (by Jan 15 and June 30).

The new Standards:

Introduction Items:
10.1 – Motion to approve the new Maritime High School – Strong Launch and Program Development Federal Grant
Approval of this motion would approve a federal grant of $1,050,000 for Maritime High School Strong Launch and Program Development.

  • Director Van thanked Representative Adam Smith for helping secure funding.

10.2 – Motion to approve annual contract with Everdriven, LLC for 2022-23 SY 
Approval of this motion would approve the annual contract with Everdriven, LLC for $500,000.00 to cover the cost of transportation service for the 2022-23 school year, to support our McKinney Vento students.

  • Director Van asked for clarification on McKinney-Vento and when Everdriven is used.
  • Scott Logan explained that Everdriven is the last option for transporting students, and the contract is only “billed by service provided”.  However, with current shortages in bus driver staffing, options are critical.  First are District drivers. Second are drivers from neighboring districts. Third is Everdriven.
  • He thanked the District bus drivers and transportation team.
  • Director Garcia asked some other clarification questions, answered by Scott.

10.3 – Motion to approve annual Highly Capable Students Program State Formula Grant 2022-23  
Approval of this motion would approve the Highly Capable state grant application and annual program plan for the 2022-23 school year.

  • Director Howell asked how we intended to match representation in the Highly Capable program with the current student demographics.
  • Answer: They are using different screening tools and data collection.  Paying attention to our Equity Lens.
  • Director Howell asked about Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) and how we are creating extra opportunities for complexity and depth of study.
  • Answer: High quality materials have been chosen to meet the needs. Rubrics are used to help students get what they individually need, at “on grade level content”.
  • Quote from the Action Report: “Our Highly Capable services prioritize depth of learning and application rather than pace of instruction or advancement of grade level content.”

10.4 – Motion to approve annual Readiness to Learn Partnerships  
Approval of this motion would approve the Readiness to Learn Partnerships with Community in Schools, Choose 180 and Puget Sound Educational Service District.

  • Director Van asked about our community partners. How are we measuring success? KPI’s?
  • Kisa answered – Partner programs identify their goals and measures of success, then they send reports.  No specific KPI’s required at this time (not streamlined yet) because some programs are grants, or at cost, or no cost to the District.  Starting to establish measures with many of the ESSER funded programs.
  • Choose 180 program is behavioral, intervention-type, not enrichment.
  • Communities in Schools program is focused on student needs related to school.
  • Puget Sound Educational Service District strives to be an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization in order to eliminate opportunity gaps.
  • CIS is currently at Highline HS, Madrona ES, Tyee HS
  • Lolita O’Donnell added that their staff members meet regularly with the partners, and they are making efforts to collect attendance information, plus “additional data around student voice… quotes, information… directly from students”.
  • Director Howell added – while metrics are required, she appreciated that they “are already collecting street level data” like student quotes and stories.  These are just as important as numbers.
  • Kisa invited the directors to visit the programs.

Unscheduled Communication:

  • Katie Kresly – asked a clarification question about the 6.7 million dollars that was approved to increase the purchase orders for the Tyee and Evergreen Architecture designs. Secondly, she thanked Director Garcia and Dr Duran for attending the Bond Presentation at Evergreen HS last night.  Looking forward to tomorrow at Pacific MS. Third, she asked the board to keep track of metrics and KPI’s for the school because it’s important.

Adjourned at 6:56pm

2022 REGIONAL Community Forum (“Listening Tour”)

  • October 6 – District 4 (Director Howell) – Tyee HS Cafeteria – 7-8 p.m.
  • October 10 – District 2 (Director Alvarez) – Puget Sound Skills Center Lecture Hall – 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • October 11 – District 3 (Director Van) – Highline HS Theater – 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • October 12 – District 1 (Director Garcia) – Evergreen HS Cafeteria – 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • October 17 – Community Forum – Virtual  – 6-7 p.m.
  • November 1 – District 5 ( Director Hagos) – Mount Rainier HS Theater – 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • November 3 – Community Forum – Virtual – 6-7 p.m.

NEXT Meeting:  October 5, 2022 – 6pm

General Meeting Information:

  • Highline School Board meetings are generally held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6pm at the Central Office Boardroom.
  • Community members can give four minute verbal commentary in Scheduled Communications.
  • Call the District Office at 206-631-3070 by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting in order to be included on the agenda.
  • Board Meetings can be viewed via Live stream highlineschools.org/boardlivestreams.
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