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A Tangible Measure of Growth — Pirate JV Football Team Brings Home the Win


Highline Pirate football continues to drive towards excellence under Head Coach Deontae Cooper. In 2A class ball, they are 2-0 and have outscored their opponents 108 – 0. This clearly speaks to the current team. But what about the future of the program?

Monday night marked another critical element to the Pirates becoming a perennial contender — the JV team had a game for the first time in 6 years. Coaches Aaron Pits and JT Jackson led 25 young players to Interlake High School and came home with a 32-12 win.

“It was a great team effort all the way around. Some players from the offensive side that showed great growth were quarterback Junior Houth, running back Vita Angilau and Dorian Morales, and tight end Soni Angilau. On defense, the Angilau twins played linebacker and were making plays. Linebacker Marquise Jones and defensive end Harley Strayer also made great contributions,” said Coach Jackson.

“This is beneficial for the program — everyone is getting to play, grow and learn,” said Coach Pits. “It is great to have everyone included. These players are not just cheerleaders on the sideline for the Varsity; they are getting a chance to play and win themselves. This is really good!” enthused Jackson. Coach Pits and Jackson’s goal was for the kids to have fun, compete, and have a great experience.

A visual measure of growing success. For the first time in six years, the Pirates have two teams on the practice field — varsity and junior varsity squads.

“Having a designated day for these kids is really great— win, lose or draw; it’s good for them to see the benefits of their hard labor. They sweat, lift, and get chewed out just like everybody else, so it is good for them to play,” said Coach Cooper. Cooper agreed that this was a marquee moment for the program. “I hope and anticipate this will be a spark to get more kids out. When those freshmen and sophomores walk the halls the day after the game and tell their friends what a great time they had, it will bring out more kids.”

Coach Cooper, ever a people developer, was just as excited for Coaches Jackson and Pits to take the helm of the game. “It gives them a growing sense of ownership, calling the offense and defense. It is great for them to be in a place to call the shots. Then when I am in a decisive moment and when I need someone to ask if I have thought about this or that, they are better prepared,” Cooper said with a twinkle.

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