Inspiring Stories: Service with a Smile!

By Ruth Storkel. In the Burien community, there are countless unsung heroes who serve us daily at various places of business: banks, stores, restaurants, auto...

The Three Tree Point Store: Restoring a Neighborhood Landmark (Part 3)

By Joseph Riverson. Throughout the interview with Three Tree Point Store owner Nelle Reichert, there were beloved neighbors and visitors coming into the store with...

Unique Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s, Part 3

By Ruth Storkel Since coming to Burien over 25 years ago, Trader Joe's has become a favorite shopping stop for "Burienites" and people in the...
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Smarty Pants Restaurant Review

Article and Photos by James W Beckman Smarty Pants is your spot for acclaimed sandwiches that have been praised all over the region. Smarty Pants is an...

Wake Up And Live In Burien! (Part 7)

By Lance Leasure, Owner of Town & Country Coffee I recently shared a summary of coffee's centuries-long migration from eastern Africa to the rest of...

The Three Tree Point Store: Restoring a Neighborhood Landmark (Part 1)

By Joseph Riverson In every town, small or big, there is a shared location that's "home" to its residents, neighbors, and visitors at large. A...
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Traditional Meat Pie Tourtière, My Grandma’s Recipe

By Reporter Zeak Rice My Grandma's Authentic Tourtière Meat Pie Recipe My grandma was a French-Canadian from Quebec. This was my favorite food I looked forward...

Restaurant Review: B-Town Halo Grill

Restaurant Review by Mangia Mangia with Mercuri   My newest find this week was the new B-Town Halo Grill. Despite being surrounded by 6 or 8...

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