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Fall Foraging in Your Own Yard

Hand-drawn by Freepik.

By Marie Jones

Before fall comes to an end and the holidays are in full swing, how about doing some decorating in your home with items from nature? With being inside more at this time of year, it’s a nice touch to bring natural elements into our homes. There’s something very satisfying about foraging things from the outdoors and going on to create beauty that results in a wonderfully cozy atmosphere in your home. So how do you get started?

First, you’ll want to start by gathering items from your property and possibly even check with neighbors, family, and friends to see what you can find in their yards. While on walks, be on the lookout for things that have been blown onto the ground.

What are fun things to be on the lookout for? Colorful leaves, sticks, and branches are a good start. Be sure to check out any available herbs. Rosemary, thyme, sage, and lavender foliage are great additions to arrangements, garlands, and hung in bundles. Holly and evergreens are also nice to use; just be careful with any berries if these cuttings are around young children or pets. If you plan to do any tree pruning, consider cutting them so that you end up with a cluster of limbs. This can be used to hang fun things, like homemade paper ornaments and pinecones.

Hand-drawn by Freepik.

Once you have your collected treasures inside, there are many fun ways to use them. Some ideas include:

  • Incorporating them into garlands.
  • Creating a table runner.
  • Adding small pieces to place cards.
  • Using them in floral arrangements.
  • Making crafts projects with children.

As you forage and decorate your home inside to reflect bringing nature in, it’s fun to note you can continue throughout the upcoming days and weeks to incorporate your Christmas and holiday décor into what you have already done.

Hand-drawn by Freepik.

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