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Losing Candidate Krystal Marx Continues Her Disruptive Behavior

By Martin Barrett

Krystal Marx was a loser in the recent race for Burien City Council. Her loss was resounding: As of November 14, with 10,854 votes, 36.84% of the ballots counted, Marx lost by 11 points. Marx, who was on the Burien City Council, was a known player. Burien residents have seen, spoken, and rejected her policies and the dysfunctional strife she brings into whatever they touch.

Burien News has learned that Marx is seeking to undermine Burien City Manager Adolfo Bailon and hinder his ability to lead his staff and manage the city. 

Independent Journalist Jonathan Choe, Xed out this message last night: 

“After getting crushed in her bid for a Burien City Council seat, FAR-LEFT activist Krystal Marx appears to be going down the road of citizen journalist.

I’ve obtained an email showing Marx is now reaching out to former employers of Burien City Manager Adolfo Bailon. She’s asking for emails, text messages, and other written correspondence from elected officials and town staff.

It’s unclear why, but it appears Marx is digging for dirt and trying to discredit the first Latino and person of color in this role. Prior to his arrival in Burien last year, Bailon served as Town Manager for the Town of Randolph, VT. 

Speaking of jobs, Marx has a checkered history. Just in the past couple of years, she’s been fired from gigs with the Seattle Seawolves and Seattle Pride. She’s now trying to bring in a tiny house village to the Boulevard Park neighborhood of Burien. Wouldn’t it be nice to get that King County homeless industrial complex money to fuel the project? Start watching this closely.”

Burien City Manager Adolfo Bailon sent this message to the Council:

Hello Council,

I write to share with you information that came to my attention last night. This information is being shared with you, my immediate supervisors, as an FYI only and does not require any action. Last night I learned that Krystal Marx, former candidate for City Council, is attempting to obtain public records from at least one of my past employers. The request submitted by Ms. Marx, through email, specifically calls for “emails, text messages, and other written correspondence from elected officials and town staff” pertaining to my departure. Also included in the request is records pertaining to “any performance evaluations, process improvement plans, and any disciplinary actions for Adolfo Bailon during the entire course of his employment.” I am not aware of any reason why Ms. Marx would have any interest in the operations of my former places of employment.



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  1. This is why it’s important to research before you vote, she’s been a thorn in the council and now is trying to be a thorn in all of Burien, go away Marx far-away!

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