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Burien Council to Vote on Tiny Homes Village

This Monday, November 20th, Burien City Council has a tough two-part decision to make regarding King County’s million dollar start-up funding offered to create a new Tiny Home Village (THV) in Burien.  First, should the city Council even accept the offer?  Second, if yes, which site will the council choose?  According to a Seattle Times article, Mayor Sofia Aragon says they plan to hold a vote on Monday, in advance of the county’s November 27th deadline.

The county is trying to offload its growing homeless problem onto the backs of smaller, much poorer communities like Burien.  But according to the election last week, Burien residents have had enough. Taking on the unreasonable responsibilities of sheltering unknown numbers of homeless people is not acceptable to Burien residents.  Burien has already seen that crime, drugs, personal safety, and business losses tend to accompany increases in this population.  Advocates claim this is kind and welcoming, but enabling poor behavior is not a sustainable fix.

If the council does decide to take the money, here are the top three locations and the main concerns:
1) The Boulevard Park Library parking lot is deemed unsafe and unfit by ALL stakeholders, including residents and homeless advocates.
2) The City Light property is next to Kennedy High School and presents a host of safety, crime and drug concerns; parents have already gathered hundreds of signatures against this location.
3) The lot next to the Toyota dealership in downtown Burien.  The city knows this could easily affect Toyota’s business and therefore the hefty tax revenue.

All three options have serious downsides.  All will negatively affect Burien.  One million dollars sounds like a lot, and many advocates only see it as turning down a “solution,” but King County’s financial incentive will permanently saddle Burien with an unsustainable and unreasonable fiscal burden.
In the past two weeks, there have protests, meetings and escalating community concerns.  But the loudest “no” came from the electorate last week when they voted down the unrelenting homeless advocates, Cydney Moore, Krystal Marx and Patricia Hudson.
Burien, if you have not written to your council members or spoken up at a council meeting on this issue, and you have concerns….it’s time.  Burien is being viewed as a bellwether city.  If they vote in this Tiny Home Village, last week’s vote will be a hollow victory.
Burien City Council meeting 7pm November 20th.  
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  1. Burien has no money to support this program we can NOT spend money we don’t have!
    It is a NO brainer … the Answer is No
    Reality can be difficult….Sorry we don’t have the $$ or safe location ! Maybe if Burien had saved up 10million to operate for a few years and saved 10 million to pay for increasing police and public safety… but we would still be in the negative in a few years…. We can’t say yes until it fits in the budget. Burien can’t afford it … SOLUTION: why don’t they build up a few locations in Bellevue they have space, growth, big business… revenue base…. See if they are interested in the 1 million dollar poison carrot!!
    Be smart don’t take the bait!!!

  2. Yes, the homeless advocates were utterly wiped out in the election. It’s worth noting that Kevin so far supports the will of Burien voters and won his race by a wide margin. This is the top issue to voters in Burien and we will sweep from office the two remaining fools in two years. I can’t wait. Peter

  3. No, No, and another resounding No! Don’t be duped by the failed homeless policy makers in Seattle who are passing on their problems to Burien. Clean up your own home first!

  4. Again, we can’t afford it. Last night on Channel 4, the newscaster said that to sustain the tiny village would cost $900,000 a year. I assume that the majority of that cost, would fall to Burien taxpayers! So the
    Million that King County is offering us a drop in the bucket, of the future costs.

  5. In case you missed the council mtg. last night and chose instead to watch football or clean out your sock drawer; here is a quick take. People talked about steps falling apart somewhere(I am new to the area, sorry). They seemed very passionate. People from Boulevard Park don’t want mini homes there by the library; which I understand after living through the siege at the Town Square Library. They didn’t seem to care about the King County money as long as it doesn’t affect them.
    . Sarah Moore showed us a blown up picture of a home that her family built when she was young. Hugo Garcia rambled on about friends and relatives not speaking to him. He suggests that Toyota move their lot to the transit center.
    Then it was once again the Cydney show. She is salivating
    about the 1 million dollar offer. She likes the Seattle area close to the high school because, well, teenagers being who they are, won’t even notice
    Plus they will be fenced in snyway. She has the budget. knowledge of most people on the dole. Plus, she excitedly told us, the homeless will be near shops and businesses for their convenience. I think that we all know what that means. Batten down your hatches!
    When she started her (I have had a dream speech), I literally felt ill and left.
    Some of these people are selling out Burien for 40 pieces of silver. Actually, a lot more than that. Where was Charles Schaefer when they needed his so called accounting expertise?

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