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“Thank You Veterans,” Burien Parade

By Stuart Jenner

As you go along Des Moines Memorial Drive, note the artwork placed on power and other infrastructure. This art was installed in the past year and serves as a reminder of the history of Des Moines Memorial Drive, named as a memorial to World War I. At Sunnydale School site (156th and Des Moines Memorial Drive), there’s a memorial with names of those veterans thanked at the Nov. 11 Des Moines Memorial Drive Ceremony.

“Thank you, veterans!” was the message on Nov. 11, 2023, at the annual Veteran’s Day ceremony at the WWI memorial located at the Sunnydale School. Rose Clark of the Des Moines Memorial Drive Preservation Association thanked veterans for their service. She also gave some reminders to the audience of how US citizens rallied together in the first part of the 20th century to fight for freedom and liberty.

A highlight of the event was music performed by a brass ensemble featuring members of the Highline Community Band. Among other works, they played a medley with the songs for each military branch that served.

Lively music for a special event. Thank you, Highline Community Band!

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