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Oasis Church Town Hall: Attendee Asks Where is the Transparency?

by Escribe de Veritas. 

Oasis Church held a Town Hall on November 5th regarding the soon-to-be homeless encampment in their parking lot. The session started with approximately 100 people. However, as presenter Cydney Moore, representing Burien Community Support Coalition (BCSC) repeatedly offered non-answers, several agitated, bored, and frustrated meeting attendees began to filter out. Oasis intended to open the camp on the following day, November 6th, pending permits.

There were so many questions that Cydney couldn’t answer that it was impossible even to tell what was going on with the BSCS organization and planning of this tent camp. How is this transparency? For example:

1. Cydney Moore did not provide the names of her Board members for the Burien Community Support Coalition/BSCS 

2. What the By-Laws were for the group 

3. Who the staffers and service providers were for BSCS 

4. Who was going to lead and comprise the security staff 

5. Whether they would have food (as posted initially) to feed the campers 

6. What was their proposed budget 

7. How much do they currently have in their budget 

8. Who were their prominent donors 

9. How many people the encampment would house as a maximum number of residents 

10. Whether the encampment would stay over 90 days 

11. Who would remove campers who violated their contract from the tent village and the neighborhood 

12. Who will be paid to do the security background checks?

Cydney openly admitted the camp location is in a “food desert,” “health service desert,” and “clothing and supplies desert,” so it is unclear where the campers will go to get provisions and services. Or will they be shoplifting and stealing them again from stores, businesses, and residents, as we have seen from the City Hall campers, the 6th & 150th campers, the Grocery Outlet campers, and the Ambaum campers? 

This week, there was a notice posted by the BSCS asking for 6-person tents. Cydney claimed the tent village site would house 30 tents, but she didn’t identify the size of the tents. Does this mean that the site could house 180 people?

What is the maximum number this encampment can physically hold? Is that sufficient for the porta-potties they have rented and is one cleaning per week enough for the number of campers allowed?

A website describing the critical information and issues still lacks information about BSCS. Cydney claimed that they were too busy to get this done. The Oasis Pastor Mark Miller stated that the signed contract with BSCS was limited to 90 days.

Daniel Martin (Burien Human Service commissioner) and Board member of the BSCS was at the meeting. Charles Schaefer did not announce his presence at the meeting. John White, the alleged donor of $15,000 to start this camp, was not present or mentioned by name at the meeting. It appears he didn’t want to be involved in this community meeting or answer any questions about this camp he is funding. The City Manager Adolfo Bailon did attend this meeting and spoke about the misinterpretation the minister had stated about the RCW used to justify the tent camp and the required city involvement. The city is not required to be a partner.

As usual, anything Cydney Moore and Charles Schaefer put their hands to is a disorganized and poorly planned out mess that really does not help the City of Burien, the businesses, the majority of residents, or the community at large. They do not aim to protect public safety.

An associate of this author attended the meeting moderated by Krystal Marx at the Burien Library on November 5th and indicated that it was also a disgruntled public mess. At that meeting, Marx was confronted by angry and agitated citizens for her lack of planning and transparency on these issues. The city manager also attended this Library meeting.

It is clear from both meetings and past history that Cydney Moore and Krystal Marx do not understand the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine (state law) as well as the laws pertaining to elections in Washington State.  Last month, Krystal Marx and Patricia Hudson ran an event, promoting excessive gluttony for residents to indulge in and to “smash men”/males in the city.  This was hardly inclusive and respectful of all residents.

For the above stated reason, this author is pleased the residents appear to have rejected Krystal Marx, Cydney Moore and Patricia Hudson at the ballot box.

– Oasis Church Meeting attendee

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