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Akey, Schilling and Andrade Crush Their Opponents

11/8/23 4:00pm UPDATE –  No significant changes as only a small percentage (Less than 2%) of votes were added to the tally.

By Martin Barrett. 

It appears as though Burien has had enough of the socialist policies that put our residents behind the County’s agenda, unions, the homeless industrial complex, and other special interest groups. In a resounding rejection of the leftist agenda, Linda Akey and Kevin Schilling scored 24-point wins over incumbent Cydney Moore and candidate Patricia Hudson, respectively. Alex Andrade also had a large margin with a 16-point thumping of past Council Member Krystal Marx. 

Akey, Schilling, and Andrade positioned themselves as moderate candidates. Enforcing the laws, especially regarding drugs and cleaning up the streets, was at the front of their message. 

“Burien has spoken for common sense and normal government behavior. I’m excited to get working with the new Council to accomplish goals that help all of Burien build and grow,” Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling said. Schilling has been laboring with dysfunctional Cydney Moore for his entire tenure. Moore was promoted by the B-town blog and turned into one of the most divisive council members Burien has ever had. In his first two years as a CM, Schilling experienced similar dysfunction until voters turned out Marx. 

The balance of the Council definitely swings toward the center, common sense spectrum. In all likelihood, Council meetings will be more functional, effective, and productive. They will lack the frustration and also the entertainment of Moore’s juvenile behavior. This leaves only Hugo Garcia, who himself has difficulty with personal control and outbursts, and Sarah Moore on the extreme left. Additionally, with a solid moderate block, the complexion of testimony may also change. 

Akey made the following statement regarding the first round of results, “Though the election will not be certified until the end of the month, I believe that the results we have seen tonight show that the people of Burien have chosen me to be their next City Council member for Position 2. I am committed to working with all Burien residents to make our city safer, more livable, and prosperous for all.”

There are still several days to count the late vote. However, not since Garcia pulled off a virtually impossible 9-point swing – four days after the polls closed – has a lead as significant as Akey’s, Schilling’s, and Andrade’s been challenged. Their victories seem secure.

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  1. The sad part is that Cydney Moore will never admit that she did a crappy job and was voted out for incompetence. She will simply say the right wing fascists won. At least we won’t have to see her smug look at the City Council meeting any more.

  2. The people spoke, thank goodness. Cydney, Krystal, and Patricia can move on and take their wacky ideas elsewhere. Common sense and decency won!

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