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Homeless Camp: Urgent Community Meeting: Sunday, November 5th – 1:00pm

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Hello Friends & Neighbors of Burien!

I know this is *very* short notice, but please consider coming to this “community” meeting about an encampment going into one of our neighborhoods.

WHAT: Community meeting, TOMORROW 11/5/23
TIME: 1:00
WHERE: 520 S 150th St

They are trying to slide this in, without notice to our entire city, thinking they can just drop into a neighborhood with an encampment that, history shows, will destroy a 6-block radius of it. This is 2 blocks from Highline High School, and blocks from our town center. They have also deliberately coincided this meeting with another encampment community meeting that they want to put in Boulevard Park and yes, it is a Seahawk Sunday.

This is being brought to you by sitting Council member & drug advocate Cydney Moore, former (fired) city planning commissioner Charles Schaefer and resident John White who gave them $15,000 as seed money. All for the purpose of gaining the 1 million dollars being offered up by King County to secure PERMANENT, sanctioned encampment(s) located within Burien.

1) this is a huge conflict of interest on Moore’s part
2) It has been abundantly CLEAR that the majority of Burien’s residents DO NOT WANT THIS or any encampment in our city.
3) This is a hostile takeover of our city in every direction by a minority of people.

I have had firsthand experience with this encampment, as it was originally at City Hall, in our center of our business district, then 2 blocks from mine. (currently, it is located on Ambaum & 120th in a median “salmon creek curve”)

The open-air drug use is indescribable, the trash, prostitution and violence was every minute of every hour of every day. How will this little, mature, low-income neighborhood deal with this? Who is going to pay for this?

This is not responsible to enable destructive behavior and allow our neighborhoods to be destroyed under the guise of “compassion”. While the people leading this are looking for their payday on the backs of the hard-working taxpayers of Burien.

As a reminder, churches DO NOT PAY taxes and are generally exempt from any taxes, EVEN IF THEY MAKE A LOT OF MONEY. How much is this church making by renting out their property?

I urge you to be a body present and a voice for our city, because if not us, who? This will be in every neighborhood, if we don’t step up and continue to say NO now.

There will be media present, please consider a public, on camera statement.

Please email the city and the church your concerns:

Pastor Mark Miller:
Oasis Home Church – Connecting and Building Faithful Followers in South Seattle

Your neighbor & Burien Business Owner,
Darla Green

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  1. Question – To me, I feel I live in Burien even though I’m technically in ‘SeaTac.’
    128th and 24th – close to Military Road.
    Do I assume since my home is not in ‘Burien’, any say I have does not count?
    I’ve been part of Burien for 50 years, so all this is very important to me.

    • Darla Green’s reply: Friends of Burien / live close to and shop in Burien is most definitely included and encourage that reader to please come – we need every body present.

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