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Independent Journalist Choe Reports on Cydney Moore’s Homeless Camp

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“UNHOLY ALLIANCE?” is how independent journalist Jonathan Choe opens his report on Burien Council Member Cydney Moore’s proposed homeless encampment.  Agreed.  What’s up with Burien’s disgraced leadership continuing to violate official policies and processes, colluding to act above the law?  Burien’s new “camping regulations” go into effect today.

In the attached report, we see “disgraced” Burien former Planning Commissioner Chair Charles Schaefer, along with Burien’s Human Services Commissioner Daniel Martin, partnering with CM C. Moore to bypass and flout city procedure.

How is this in the best interest of Burien residents?

Here is Choe’s take on the subject:

Reposted from Jonathan Choe – 11/1/23:


UNHOLY ALLIANCE? Some Burien neighbors are incensed after learning last minute about a “temporary sanctioned encampment” possibly coming into their community. A non-profit coalition linked to Councilmember Cydney Moore is partnering up with Oasis Home Church to host dozens of homeless people. Aside from issues like open air drug use, more crime, and other associated problems possibly spilling into the neighborhood, some city councilmembers say they were also caught off guard and left in the dark. Of course I demanded answers from CM Moore and all the leaders involved with this project. Watch how they responded to my questions. The community is now preparing for a ferocious fight and massive pushback. This is all happening as Burien’s public camping ban goes into play today.


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  1. As they stated from two years ago in KOMO TV’s news special “Seattle’s Dying” 90% of the homeless are drug users, this includes the woman who knew better who was a past drug user and lived as homeless person in Seattle on the TV program. Clearly it did not work and once the damage is done it’s VERY hard to turn around! Those who DO NOT want a further drug infested community better wake up and speak up! For the spineless so called community leaders many people feel
    your making Burien much much worse, irretrievably worse, much like Seattle. If you want to put the welcome matt out for then you should be personally responsible for any negative effects, costs, harm to others as a result of your actions. OPEN your eyes and look what has and is happening to the once great city of Seattle! People are fleeing to to suburbs and east side. Seems you’re trying to overwhelm city, community services, and those that protect us, THE POLICE! Wake up, or we lose them too.

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