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Campaign Bullying is Not Okay – Ruiz Responds

The Burien-News believes that bullying has no place in society and in campaigns. We offer any candidate under personal attack the opportunity to defend themselves by writing a statement for us to publish.  

The following is a statement of rebuttal from Carlos Ruiz who received an anonymous letter from a Normandy Park Citizen:

Public Statement about Personal Attack via Mailed Letter

Dear “A Normandy Park Citizen”,

Thank you for taking an interest in my campaign for Highline School Board Director – District 4. I appreciate your passion for this race and our school district.

I am sure you agree with me that open conversation between all, even if our views are not aligned, is a productive means of moving issues along, this is why I hope we can discuss your various points in-person. I plan to be in attendance at the next school board meeting and welcome an opportunity to further discuss your letter and concerns; however, you will have to please come up to me as you did not include your information in your passionate letter. I hope to be able to establish a line of communication with you and perhaps even have you reconsider your vote. Finally, I hope that after reading my mailer that you recycled it appropriately. Thank you once again.

Carlos Ruiz
Highline School Board Position 4 candidate, Carlos M. Ruiz

Candidate Ruiz may be reached at electcarlosruiz@gmail.com.

Mr. Ruiz attached the following letter that he received, asking that the Burien-News publish it so that he may respond:


For additional context, here is the referenced mailer sent by the Ruiz campaign mid-October:

Ruiz Mailer 10/20/23

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  1. I, also, will be voting for Melissa Petrini. She is an amazing member of our community. She has a wonderful ability to bring people together to have respectful conversations. She will be a beautiful addition to the Highline School Board.

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