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Unapologetically Uncivilized in Burien

Posted by David Feinburg, Council Member Sarah Moore's husband. He admitted to posting on Facebook.

By Martin Barrett

The Burien City Council election is just one week away. In what seems to be an unprecedented escalation in personal and petty attacks, we are witnessing at least one group that is holding to their word. Sarah Moore, Cydney Moore, and Hugo Garcia, who refused to sign the Rules of Civility with the other Council Members, have continued in their uncivil behavior, consistent with their word.

This past weekend, on the Take Back Burien Facebook page, a Kevin Schilling campaign flyer with comments regarding his position on providing portapotties for the various homeless camps was posted.

Posted by David Feinburg, Council Member Sarah Moore’s husband. He admitted to posting on Facebook.

The flyer was addressed to Council Member Sarah Moore. In the writing, the author calls Council Member Schilling a “Nepo Baby” (short or Nepotism) and a “petulant young man.” CM Schilling did not come from a line of political parentage and did not inherit his position. Nor has CM Schilling behaved in childish ways. Childish behavior is, however, a regular demonstration by Sarah Moore’s fellow Rules of Civility non-signers.

The posting has since been taken down. David Feinberg, Sarah Moore’s husband, claimed responsibility. But such a confession still leaves doubts. The background surrounding CM Sarah Moore, her refusal to sign, and the company she keeps leaves questions as to who really posted the flyer with her name on the address line.

We implore S. Moore, C. Moore, and Garcia to sign the Rules of Civility and conform to the agreement


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  1. Regardless of policy, party, and position, “civility” is the bottom behaviour that people everywhere should demand from our elected officials!
    What is wrong with these candidates who cannot even promise this? People in Burien should keep this in mind when voting next week!

  2. How sad that their records are so poor that they have to stoop to these tactics. Lying is never acceptable; even in politics!

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