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Hugo Garcia No Longer Employed by King County

By Martin Barrett

City Council Member Hugo Garcia, who, in a recent Burien City Council meeting, accused those who disagreed with him of reeking of white supremacy, appears to have lost his job with King County. Burien News contacted a County employee who confirmed King County no longer employs Garcia. When calling his King County number, it is answered with a message stating the number is no longer valid. When doing a search for Hugo Garcia on the King County Staff Directory, his name does not show. When emailing CM Garcia at his King County email, it came back as “couldn’t be delivered.”

Burien News has reached out to CM Garcia two times but has yet to receive a comment. 

Garcia was hired for a unique role with the County shortly after helping Dow Constantine campaign in 2017 for Jimmy Matta, Nancy Tosta, Pedro Garcia, and Krystal Marx. Following his work with Constantine, Garcia was placed on the Burien City Planning Commission. Garcia became the planning commission chairman. Garcia led the planning commission in pushing through the disastrous DESC coming to Burien, an objective of Dow Constantine. During the approval process, Garcia was not honest with the people of Burien, constantly repeating a promise that this would be a place for Burien’s homeless. He even said this would be a good place for his brother, a current Highline School Board member to live since it would be affordable housing. Garcia did not know, a dereliction of his responsibility as a commissioner, or was unwilling to tell the truth. A County organization chooses a selection of the residents without regard to any city affiliation. When approved by the Planning Commission, there was no requirement for DESC to house any Burien folks. 

Garcia has endorsed Krystal Marx once again, along with Cydney Moore and Patricia Hudson. The former two are also unemployed. 

Burien News will continue to share more details as they are confirmed. 

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  1. This is just another example of Dow Constantine, and if elected Teresa Mosqueda, moving Seattles problems to
    Anywhere but Seattle!!
    This DESC complex will be a disaster for Burien!

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