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Letter to Editor: Burien Resident Shares Concerns About SEIU and Patricia Hudson

By A Concerned Citizen.

Patricia Hudson is not “just an employee of SEIU.” She is a major leadership member of SEIU, Local 775-Human Resources Director (HR Director) at SEIU Local 775SEIU 775 represents more than 45,000 long-term care workers providing quality home care, nursing home care, and residential services in Washington and Montana. Patricia Hudson is running her campaign out of this Union Office. The leadership of a major Union should not be a City Council member. Far too many conflicts of interest and possible violations of the Fairness Doctrine are associated with this situation. SEIU is notorious for this inappropriate type of behavior, as well as unfair pressure on any member who disagrees with SEIU’s Politics!

See this website about SEIU: https://www.influencewatch.org/hub/service-employees-international-union/

In addition to its political activities, SEIU has a reputation for aggressive organizational campaigns and employee representation. The SEIU pioneered the modern “corporate campaign” for labor union organizing, under which labor unions and aligned progressive groups use political pressure and personal attacks on brands and employers to secure representation privileges rather than conventional employee secret ballot votes. The SEIU has spent tens of millions of dollars on a public relations campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour alongside a corporate campaign against McDonald’s restaurants.

SEIU [SEIU-775] seeks to take over the Burien City Council, just as David Rolfe directed them to do Union business from the Council Chamber and Council Dais. SEIU has spent more money on Patricia Hudson to get her elected than on any other candidate running for city council in Washington State!

SEIU 775 QUALITY CARE COMMITTEE Treasurer Adam Glickman is running the committee feeding money to elect Patricia Hudson’s campaign right out of the office that is given as Patricia’s work address.

Don’t be fooled! Voting Patricia Hudson is putting an SEIU Union leader on the Burien Council.

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