This ‘SALTY’ Life

    By Mike Hearl

    O.K., right from the get-go of this bi-weekly column, a little context is in order. This very publication, The Burien News, touts itself as being “Powered By Gem Of The Sound.” Well, THE key factor in this “gem’s” luster is the fact that the city’s entire western welcome-mat consists of saltwater. 

    And that is no small thing! Burien’s shoreline touches Puget Sound, part of the Salish Sea, which in turn flows into the Pacific Ocean, which ultimately blends with every stretch of saltwater bobbing around on this planet. That’s a pretty long reach from little ol’ Three Tree Point’s finger sticking into this salty soup. Safe to say, the lifestyles of us Puget Sound denizens/citizens are shaped by such a juxtaposition.

    We’re “S A L T Y”, which, for me, your humble scribe, serves as an acronym for: Soul + Adventure + Legacy + Transformation + You and your house. And these five elements will be the framework for the ideas, inspiration, and integration of “good stuff” from this column into Burien-ites’ everyday lives.

    Right off the top, I don’t know about you, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Whatever reader, but I just resonate with the notion of “Soul.” It’s one of those things that you either got it, or you don’t. We know it when we see, hear, touch, and are moved by it. If I didn’t believe Burien has its own unique flavor of “soul,” I wouldn’t waste my ink, and certainly not your precious time, arranging words into sentences for consumption.

    I am grateful to Burien News founder Martin Barrett, for allowing me to share some “salty” tidbits with you every other week. Martin and I go “way back”. What’s great is that we still really enjoy hanging out together. And I will tell you this: I’ve learned a ton from being around him regarding hospitality… about being inviting, welcoming, and serving. (Not to mention learning the secrets behind his “killer” BBQ rotisserie rosemary chicken.)

    To my way of thinking… and writing…the more genuine hospitality we can foster during these particular times, the better! In fact, I would venture to say that hospitality is the antidote to much of the free-floating hostility that seems to permeate our lives and, therefore, our very souls these days. It’s something that I myself would like to get better at. Maybe we can get better at it together? Well…you know what they say…“practice makes perfect”

    Soooo… “Welcome”! To “This SALTY Life.” May it be a tasty bite for us folks who hang out along this slice of Puget Sound shoreline. And may it act as a preservative for the kind of hospitality we could all use a strong dose of.

    Stay Salty,

    Mike Hearl

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