Home Education Highline School Board Public Comment: Gender Dysphoria, October 5, 2023

Highline School Board Public Comment: Gender Dysphoria, October 5, 2023

Highline School Board Public Comment: Gender Dysphoria. 10/5/23

by Alex Myrick

Good evening, school board directors. I have been a Mental Health Professional for over 30 years, and I have supervised dozens of fellow professionals. In that time, I have seen tragedy due to faulty judgment or lack of awareness. To help spare you similar regret, I would like to share with you a few differences between Gender Dysphoria and Autogynephilia.

Gender Dysphoria is a disorder in which there is a marked incongruity between one’s natal sex and their expressed gender. A distinction should be made between early onset Gender Dysphoria and Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, which has multiplied exponentially and often has its onset after binging on transgender websites and/or being exposed to transgender presentations in school.

Autogynephilia is a condition in which a male is sexually aroused by thinking of himself as a woman. The American Psychiatric Association classifies it as a Paraphilic Disorder, in the same broad category as Exhibitionism, Pedophilia, and Sexual Sadism. 

Autogynephilia falls within a subcategory known as erotic target identity inversions. Men with this disorder have a desire to impersonate the thing to which they are sexually attracted or transform their bodies into a facsimile of such persons or things. In some cases, Autogynephilia is a transitional phase between transvestic fetishism and Gender Dysphoria. 

As with any mental disorder, it is hazardous to generalize because among the population of those afflicted, there are different degrees and different subtypes.

Teachers are both authority figures and role models. In our current ideological climate, your commitment to being inclusive and open-minded is understandable. Still, it must be tempered so that you do not cause intense and lasting confusion in impressionable young children.

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  1. Agree! Schools and teachers need to get back to academia. Reading. Writing. Math. History. NOT this gender “intense and lasting confusion in impressionable young children. It does not belong in the classroom or in schools. This current infiltration is not preparing kids for future jobs or careers. Stop the madness.

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