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Criminal Complaint Filed Against Charles Schaefer by Burien City Manager

by Staff Writer

On September 19, 2023, Charles Schaefer, the former Burien Planning Commission Chair who was removed from office by the City Council for actions deemed inconsistent with his responsibilities as a city official, posted a recorded conversation between himself and City Manager Adolfo Bailon on Twitter. In the discussion, Mr. Schaefer presses Mr. Bailon on why his application for reelection to the Commission was not considered.

Washington is a two-consent state regarding public posting of recorded private conversations. Mr. Schaefer did not obtain Mr. Bailon’s consent; Burien News has learned that City Manager Bailon has filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Schaefer.

Mr. Schaefer, in a Facebook page-posting after being fired from the Commission, said, “Any free time I now have as a newly private citizen is being directed at obstructing the city manager.”

Charles Schaefer has endorsed Krystal Marx, Cydney Moore, and Patricia Hudson in their respective City Council Position races.

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  1. Actions speak louder than words, this is not right, he shsould have known the rules, while you do have the lst amendment for personal comments (assuming they are not slanderous or libelous, you cannot record another without their permission and spread it. I want to see the other three speak out on this or I will have to vote for their opponents if they don’t. Don W, Longterm Burien Resident

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