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Letter to the Editor: Why Are Opposing School Board Candidates Campaigning Together?

by Burien Coffee Drinker

Riddle me this… why would two Highline school board candidates – running against each other – be seen helping support a third candidate in a different race – Carlos Ruiz?

Stephanie Tidholm is not a HEA endorsed candidate, while her opponent Michael T. Lewis is. So why are the two opposing candidates hanging out with HEA leaders and members, and other local candidates?

The only school board candidates NOT there were the independent Melissa Petrini (district 4) and Azeb Hagos (unopposed incumbent).  

It’s a head-scratcher.

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  1. Hi Burien Coffee Drinker,
    Not really much of a head scratcher here. Stephanie is endorsed by the 33rd and 34th Dems, Michael is not.

    Michael is endorsed by HEA and MLK Labor, Stephanie is not.

    The event pictured was a joint effort from all 4 groups (33rd, 34th, HEA, MLK) and I am endorsed by them all. Stephanie and Michael also know of my track record in the community and how passionate I am about our schools. I am humbled by their support.

    Apologies if I ruined the mystery behind this and made it a lot less juicy with the facts. Also, we have a group photo featuring all the people there on Saturday. Picture features all of us and some candidates for Burien City Council – pretty good pic. If you would like, I’m sure I can get you a copy of the photo. Please feel free to reach out directly if I can be of further service. Have a wonderful start to your week.

    Carlos Ruiz
    Candidate for Highline School Board – District 4.

    • Dear Burien Coffee Drinker:

      Just to add on here…maybe the 33rd and 34th made the wrong decision in their endorsement of Stephanie Tidholm. It seems with all her top-tier endorsers that maybe she is planning on only using a school board seat as a springboard to further a political aspiration. Carlos Ruiz and Michael Lewis seem to be laser-focused on doing what is right for the students and families in the Highline School District and nothing further. They were also solely endorsed by MLK Labor and Highline Education Association (which leads up to the largest labor union in the USA with 3.1 million members).

      Additionally, I think Carlos should send the picture that was taken on September 30th. I think we would all like to see how the cards fell at the canvassing event. We probably also should get pictures of the school supply drive he and Michael Lewis held for the district, not to mention the work he invests into his daughters’ school, which was recognized last night at the Board Meeting.

      Hoping you enjoy your delicious Burien Coffee, because it is delicious, and have a great weekend. 8^)

      Dedicated Burien Resident

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