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King County Releases Burien City Council Candidates’ Voter Statements

City of Burien

Council Position No. 2

Linda AkeyLinda Akey
PO BOX 66245
BURIEN, WA 98166
(206) 395-4596

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Public Administration Associate of General Studies Early Childhood Education

Occupation: Nonprofit Consultant, CEO and Owner of Competent Assistance for Nonprofits


I serve on the Burien Business and Economic Development Partnership, the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, and the Burien Creative District. As a consultant, I help non-profit organizations start and operate successfully. I understand how much we need collaboration to tackle the challenges we face in Burien. I will bring professionalism and healthy communication to the City Council.

Once elected, I will work to ensure first responders have the resources they need to do their jobs and expand community policing, ensuring accountability and transparency. I will work to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness and support the creation of substance abuse, mental health treatment centers, and transitional housing. I will work to protect our environment, improve public transportation, and support living wages. I will also work to bring more businesses and jobs to Burien. With your support, we can build a safe, livable, and welcoming Burien for all.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

Cydney MooreCydney Moore
PO BOX 48311
BURIEN, WA 98148
(206) 775-0741

Education: C.E.R.T. Certified, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, and Lane County Community College

Occupation: Burien City Councilmember


As a councilmember, I have created affordable housing, defended workers rights, improved infrastructure (sidewalks, parks, etc.) and expanded the human services budget for healthcare, education, and assistance programs. I recognize the need to create safer neighborhoods, increase economic growth, and support underserved groups, including youth and seniors.

I remain deeply committed to our community. I currently serve on the board of four local nonprofits, and regional committees focused on environmental sustainability, public transportation, and public safety. I want to use my experience and dedication to move our city forward. Together we can build a brighter future for Burien!

Endorsements: King County Democrats, 33rd District Democrats, MLK Labor, Highline Education Association, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, SEIU 925, IBEW Local 46, Transit Riders Union, King County Councilmembers Joe McDermott and Dave Upthegrove, Senator Karen Keiser, State Representatives Tina Orwall and Mia Gregerson, Burien City Councilmembers Sarah Moore and Hugo Garcia, and more.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

Council Position No. Kevin J. Schilling

Kevin J. Schilling
P.O. BOX 838
(206) 948-0381

Education: St. Francis, Aviation HS, Washington State University, Columbia, London School of Economics, Harvard Kennedy School

Occupation: Political Director, Congressman Derek Kilmer


I love serving my hometown. Growing up in Burien, I worked for local businesses to put myself through school. Now, I get to help working Burien families like my own. As your City Councilmember, I’ve worked hard on pandemic recovery, lower utility tax bills for seniors, and funding police and emergency services.

I’m running again because City Council needs to do better. Burien is facing challenges around gun violence and homelessness. I’ll push for more first responders, treatment programs, and housing, while holding our homelessness programs and government officials accountable. I’ll work to bring more living-wage jobs, and make Burien the best place to live, work, own a business, and raise a family. Together, we can build a community that’s safe, prosperous, and vibrant!

Endorsed by: Congressman Adam Smith, County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, Senators Joe Nguyen and Karen Keiser, unions including Carpenters, Food & Commercial, Laborers, and neighbors across Burien.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

Patricia HudsonPatricia Hudson
PO BOX 48242
BURIEN, WA 98148
(206) 265-9632

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (University of Washington) Master of Arts, Management (University of Phoenix)

Occupation: Director of Human Resources and Operations, SEIU 775, Mother, Volunteer


I’m running to improve the lives of the people in Burien by working with you to strengthen our community throughout the city – celebrating our unique diversity. I will support small business development, increase housing for all, and protect our environment, with a focus on making us all safe in a city where our needs are met.

We need leaders who understand the challenges of working families, listen to your voices, and act, to find the best solutions for our city. A single mother who raised two sons in Burien; I know what it’s like to struggle. My professional negotiation and conflict resolution skills uniquely prepare me to lead. I have the experience and training to be effective. I will elevate individual voices, support community, and make tough decisions.

Endorsements: KC & 33rd Democrats, Executive Dow Constantine, SEIU, Working Families Party, Senator Karen Keiser, Representatives Tina Orwall & Mia Gregerson.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

Council Position No. 6

Krystal MarxKrystal Marx
PO BOX 9100
(206) 291-7574

Education: A.A. from Highline College, Sociology

Occupation: fmr Burien Councilmember, Deputy Mayor; VP Business Operations, Seattle Seawolves


I had the honor of representing Burien and its people on the Council once before. I am running again because we are sliding backwards, and our working families deserve representation by leaders who know how to collaborate with regional partners and take decisive action on issues that affect us directly: homelessness, public safety, affordable housing, and the environment.

I’m proud of my work to establish tenant protections during my previous term, and am committed to taking action on our issues rather than push problems to another city. I fully support Burien’s commitment to ‘lead with services’ in order to shape a city where we can all feel safe, and that includes opposing efforts to criminalize homelessness instead of finding solutions.

Endorsed by: 33rd/34th LD & KC Democrats; Working Families Party; County Councilmember Joe McDermott; Burien Councilmembers Hugo Garcia & Sarah Moore; MLK Labor; Highline teachers, Burien business owners & more.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

Alex AndradeAlex Andrade
233 SW 154TH ST # 203
BURIEN, WA 98166
(206) 660-8386

Education: South Seattle College, School of Visual Concepts, Columbia Basin College

Occupation: Small business owner, Citlali Creativo, Burien; Wedding Officiant; Civic Volunteer


I’m running for City Council for the same reason I’m active in our community: because I want Burien to flourish! If you’ve been to any city event, you’ve probably seen me– serving popcorn at Drive-in Movies on 153rd, emceeing B-Town Fiesta, or serving on the Discover Burien Board.

The truth is that our City’s struggling. Homelessness, crime, and drug use are out of control. People are frustrated by the Council’s lack of action. I know; my business was broken into twice– by the same person. I was told by the police they weren’t able to do anything.

I’ll bring a collaborative approach to Council and real, effective, and responsible policy solutions: increasing funding for community-based policing, partnering with the County and State to increase affordable housing and mental health & addiction treatment services, and growing our local economy by supporting small businesses across the city. I ask for your vote.

King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.

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