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Ongoing Human Crisis on Ambaum

This was the letter the Burien Business Association sent into the council and read aloud. It has not been edited for grammar or content. 

To the Burien Council:

I am writing to pass on increasing community concern regarding the ongoing human crisis at the Ambaum encampment on the City Right-of-Way. I have been contacted numerous times, being asked the same question; ‘What is the BBA going to do about the Ambaum encampment’? The BBA has already shown the City and King County the solution of connecting our society’s more vulnerable population with bed’s and services aided by ready and willing service providers.

Moving forward, the success of the solution will depend on the combined efforts and resources from the Public, Non-Profit and Private sectors that is currently frowned upon by the governance of the public sector. First and foremost, the process requires a clear and concise public policy that will serve as a backstop for the individuals who refuse to voluntarily accept beds and services. The lack of the Burien Camping Ordinance legislation is a significant barrier to providing much-needed help to those that need it.

Ultimately the Council’s lack of action in directly helping the homeless get beds and services will backfire and may turn out to be a liability if there are any future deaths or injuries related to the current Ambaum encampment.

We look forward to a quick resolution of the current human crisis that is a direct result of the lack of effective action by the City of Burien and King County.

Robyn Desimone,
Executive Director
Burien Business Association

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