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Democrat 34th Legislative District Refuses to Endorse Cydney Moore

by Burien Resident

At their July 2023 meeting, The 34th Democratic District refused to endorse Cydney Moore. They noted that Cydney Moore is not a registered Democrat. It is hard to know where to place Ms. Moore on the political spectrum. Based on her political activities over the years, it is fair to wonder if she is an anarchist, Antifa follower, or Socialist. She took part in the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP protest activities of 2020, where she was pictured passing out water while a building burned. She has spoken out against police as being racists and Nazis. Cydney Moore and Krystal Marx refused to approve the Burien Budget for 2021-2022 because they didn’t approve the funding of police. Cydney Moore has refused to follow the Burien Rules of Civility, the Burien Code of Ethics, the Burien Council Rules of Order, and her Oath of Office. She also provided false information to the vagrant homeless campers in Burien by handing out her Burien City Council member business card to them and thus implying by action that her advice was given as that of a city official. Cydney Moore has spoken out negatively against small businesses in Burien and has been unwilling to listen to their concerns about Public Safety. Ms.Moore does not participate in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of Council meetings. So why would she want the endorsement of the 34th Democrats or the King County Democrats during this election season?

In the 34th Dem’s 7-19-2023 Board Meeting Minutes, they discussed why they cannot endorse Cydney Moore and questioned why the 33rd district Democrats and King County Dems have endorsed her. https://34dems.org › 2023-07-19-board-meeting-minu…

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  1. When Cydney Moore was sworn into office on the Burien City Council, she did not raise her right hand as the other council members did. Please also note that when the Burien City Council meeting begins with the Pledge of Allegiance, Cydney stands with her hands folded in front of her and does not say anything.

  2. If she is not patriotic and refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance or honor our flag, I will never vote for her again, even if I ever did Besides actions speak louder than words.. And to negatively work against the interests of small businesses, the heart of our economy and local city, further makes the case against her stronger in my opinion

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