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Burien Says Enough

From “Burien Says Enough,” Burien News’ newest advertiser

A new community group has come to Burien. The Burien Says Enough website states Burien Says Enough is a community organization dedicated to keeping an eye out for our fellow residents and businesses by bringing to light concerns in our city, and particularly those arising from decisions made by its elected Council Members. 

Burien Says Enough shared with Burien-News their purpose to put the needs of Burien, its residents, businesses, and neighborhoods on the front row when decisions are being made for the city. “Over the past 10 years, King County, Dow Constantine, Seattle city government and organizations, unions, and others have taken front and center with their agendas. They have been extracting the good out of our city for their own purposes. These agendas do not place Burien and its residents as the top priority. This has been demonstrated with the placement DESC, a government-funded drug house coming to the center of our city, by the refusal to take care of the homeless crisis created by Seattle and King County. And now our City Council Meetings are overrun by non-Burien people and organizations taking up the public testimony slots, urging the city to engage in programs and expenses that do not benefit the current residents. 

The group intends to hold the city council and city staff accountable for making decisions that benefit Burien. BSE will have a PAC. The PAC will support the candidates they believe are most closely aligned with the needs of Burien. 

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