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B and E Meats Celebrates 65 Years!

by Ruth Storkel

Congratulations to our marvelous hometown “Butcher Shop,” “B and E Meats and Seafood,” now celebrating its 65th anniversary!

We are very fortunate to have a Meat and Seafood company of such excellent caliber in our small city! From its Burien-beginnings, B and E has expanded and now has 4 different stores in the Seattle area: Burien, Des Moines, Newcastle, and Queen Ann Ave North.

Where did it all begin? Right here in Burien, in 1958, about 3 store-fronts south of where they are now located (in the Elmer’s building on Ambaum). Their location is now at 15003 Ambaum SW, Burien, which had been a gas station; eventually, B and E Meats moved into it.

I was on a flight to California a while back, and I met a woman who said she had gone to high school with the owners of B and E Meats. After further discussion, I learned what those mysterious letters stood for: “B” and “E .”That’s Bob and Earl!” she said. (Nice to know.) So, B and E was named after REAL people.

Nowadays, few family-owned businesses have lasted for 65 or more years. This is a great accomplishment!

Thank you, B and E, for providing excellent meats and seafood for our tables! We are grateful to have you! Happy Anniversary!

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