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Mental Health Professional Speaks To Highline School Board Regarding Instruction on Race and Identity

by Alex Myrick

Good evening school board Directors. You are planning on taking action on Procedure 0010, paragraph 5, “Instruction on Race and Identity.” IRI is based on the Social Justice Standards produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which now meets the definition of a “hate group” itself. IRI is promoted in very broad feel-good language. What reasonable person would oppose “fighting hate,” “teaching tolerance,” or “seeking justice”?

The problem is, that in this, as in many topics, the school district and its critics are using the same vocabulary but different dictionaries. “Hate” is too often defined as anything or anyone who disagrees with the current, progressive viewpoint. “Teaching Tolerance” specifies that the staff will “teach the facts about sex assigned at birth.” As I have said before from this podium, there is no such thing as sex assigned at birth. It is a simple, biological fact that sex is determined at fertilization.

Under the rubric of “Seeking Justice,” the curricula specify that key figures, groups, seminal events, strategies, and philosophies will be identified. What key figures and groups? What seminal events? Which strategies and philosophies? More importantly, how will they be presented? “Justice” is too often interpreted as pushing Socialist economic policies.

Winston Churchill had it right when he said: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

IRI does not need to be revised. It needs to be scrapped! Our precious children need the confidence to prepare themselves for the future they choose. The last thing they need is to be told they are a victim or an oppressor based on the color of their skin. Thank you.

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