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Former Teacher Pleads for Changes To Highline Schools’ Transgender Policy

by Patricia Bailey

August 16, 2023:

Good evening. Parents and students need to be fully informed regarding the far-reaching consequence of altering the chemistry and form of a young person’s body.

Chloe Cole recently testified to Congress on July 27, 2023, regarding her experience becoming “transgender.” At age 12 and autistic, she became convinced of the strange notion, she was “born in the wrong body”. A compassionate adult should have told her that virtually every cell of her body is wisely marked with her female sex at conception. Unfortunately, when her parents pursued counseling, they were frightened when the psychologist asked: “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?” Chloe was not suicidal —yet.

She started on puberty blockers and then testosterone. Hot flashes made focusing in school almost impossible, in addition to the severe joint pain she was experiencing. Her voice became lower, her nose longer, her bone structure masculinized, and her Adam’s apple more prominent. As a teenage girl, sometimes, when she looked in the mirror, she felt like a monster. 

At age 15, her breasts were amputated, and massive scars across her chest remain. The masculinized nipples weep fluid. Her grades plummeted after surgery, and she struggled to look at herself in a mirror. That’s when she became suicidal. Her underlying mental disturbances remained unaddressed and worsened.  

There are multitudes of de-transitioners telling their sad stories online for all to hear. Highline students and parents need to be fully informed regarding these effects! Please include detailed warnings in your transgender policy. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for unmasking the truth about this mutilation of children. The warnings are silent in the midst of the unrealistic glorification. It is irreversible but the emotional ramifications last forever.

  2. I’ll never understand how her parents could even begin to even THINK their 12 yr old, still a child, should get this done. Sad.

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