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Burien City Council to discuss anti-camping ordinance on Monday, August 21

by Katie Kresly

Burien homeless encampments in front of the Grocery Outlet were recently cleared with help from a consulting company called “The More We Love,” headed by Kristine Moreland. The cost of $20,000 to assist campers in finding rehab, beds, and other available resources, was paid privately by the property owner where Grocery Outlet and Dollar Tree operate.

In only 30 days, Ms. Moreland accomplished what Burien City Council has struggled with for many months.

This coming Monday, August 21, at 7 pm, the Burien City Council will introduce and discuss Ordinance No. 818, Unlawful Public Camping. Members of the public wishing to comment may do so in person, via Zoom, or as a written statement. They must sign up by 6:45 pm, the date of the meeting.

KIRO 7, MyNorthwest.com, and other media outlets have followed closely to see how Burien handles its ongoing encampment situation.

On August 16, Gee and Ursula interviewed Kristine Moreland, who stated, “Detox is available, programs are available, housing is available, and we just need to make sure they’re connected, and it’s just all these barriers, the bureaucracy of it all that doesn’t need to be there.”

On the other hand, Burien Councilmember Cydney Moore says she has “a lot of concerns” about hiring a private company like ‘The More We Love.’ Moore adds, “I would certainly hesitate to invest public funding of which we have very little into an organization that can’t provide any documentation of their effectiveness.”

There is much controversy about how to best handle the homeless crisis in Burien, and many eyes are watching.

Please weigh in with your concerns on August 21.

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  1. Me. Moreland is a rock star and I am in awe of her go them attitude. She is saving lives and I am true grateful that she cares. May God continue to bless her and the people she had helped.

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