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Burien Says Enough – Let’s Work Together: YOU ARE INVITED

by Staff Writer

Here we are – lots to cover!

The Good News:

The homeless encampment has been (finally) cleared, and with zero thanks to the City of Burien. It was cleared by the private sector, who really stepped in and contracted with Kristine Moreland and The More We Love Foundation https://www.themorewelove.org/, and she did it! It sounds like only one person refused housing – who was, in fact, arrested for destroying the signage in front of Dollar Tree and Grocery Outlet.

Kudos to each and every one of the volunteers and local business owners, and building owners who made this happen!

Independent journalist covers 152nd encampment closure – www.Burien-News.com Powered By Gem Of The Sound.

More Good News:

Linda Akey and Kevin Schilling easily made it through the primary. 

And in the General Election, we will see:

  • Linda Akey vs. Cydney Moore
  • Kevin Schilling vs. Patricia Hudson 
  • Alex Andrade vs. Krystal Marx

As a quick point-out – Moore, Marx, and Hudson are Union picks. The unions want to continue to control and take over Burien. Unions do not belong to dictating small-town politics, ideology, and leadership decisions. We, the citizens of Burien, are in this difficult situation due to the election (selection) of union-controlled leaders. Moore and Marx brought in the homeless encampment and wanted encampments to stay.  

The Planning Commission positions ARE OPEN – 

Please, PLEASE consider putting in your application to serve our wonderful community! We need clear-headed, logical, and fiscally responsible people to serve on this vitally essential commission. This commission directs which projects to have the Council consider and vote on! If you don’t like the direction Burien is headed, now is your opportunity! 

See description HERE: Comprehensive Plan – City of Burien (burienwa.gov)


Planning Commission Application (monday.com)


1) Send an email to each council member to DEMAND an Anti-Camping Ordinance! 

This will be introduced AGAIN at the Council Meeting on August 21st. Council Member Stephanie Mora needs our support! In order for your support to count, your email must be in the inboxes of the council by Tuesday, August 15th 

EMAIL: council@burienwa.gov, cityclerk@burienwa.gov



Dear Council,

@ City Clerk, please add this to Public Comment:

Please take our safety concerns seriously! Please PASS An ANTI-CAMPING Ordinance on August 21st, 2023!

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, No person shall obstruct a street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way: (1) by sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing, using, maintaining, or placing personal property in a manner that impedes passage. 

If you do not pass an ordinance, you become the enablers! This is simply not acceptable to the Burien residents, businesses, and guests who visit and live in Burien. 

Thank you, 


2) SHOW UP in person on Monday, August 21st – at 7 PM! Sign up online to issue a public statement.

SIGN UP HERE: New Submission (burienwa.gov)

Or watch and participate ONLINE here: The Burien Channel (castus.tv)

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