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Independent journalist covers 152nd encampment closure

Screenshot from Jonathan Choe's coverage of Grocery Outlet homeless encampment.

video by Jonathan Choe
story by Hannah Sutherland

Independent journalist Jonathan Choe covered Kristine Moreland and The More We Love clearing out the homeless encampment near Grocery Outlet. Kristine Moreland and her The More We Love team have been working “for the past month” to help move the campers along 152nd in Burien to detox centers and rehabs.

“I will say that I’m incredibly proud of the efforts of our community,” Moreland said in an interview with Choe. “I’ve cried a million tears because I’m so grateful that people have accepted service.”

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  1. So grateful for people who actually care enough to help these folks get out of this situation… as opposed to calling it “compassionate” to enable them to remain trapped in addiction. Addiction, by definition, is the loss of choice. Not pressings for a shift in cruel.
    I’ve met Christine several times, she truly loves these men and women. May God bless her and her team richly!

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