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City Council Candidate Linda Akey Thanks Voters


by Martin Barrett

Burien City Council candidate Linda Akey is currently in the lead in the race for Position 2 with 2,791 votes, representing 31.87%. She issued a statement to the Burien News this morning.

“I am thrilled that the voters of Burien chose me to move forward as their candidate for the general election in November. There is much work to be done, but I look forward to having the opportunity to create a safer and more livable Burien for all,” she said.

Akey’s lead has held firm at about 32% of the votes since the August 1 Primary. Akey posted a vote percentage of 32.47% on the night the polls closed.

Cydney Moore, with 2,476 votes as of August 9, has moved into second place with 28.27% of the vote.

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  1. That is an example of Linda’s gracious personality. She is not polarizing like some; she wants to listen to everyone and to hear their opinions. Working as a team would, I am sure, be a priority for her. No grandstanding, just simply working for Burien residents and business owners in their best interests.

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