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Burien resident calls for action against Cydney Moore

by Burien Resident

To the Burien City Council and the City Manager:

Once again, Cydney Moore has violated the Burien Council Rules of Order. Ms. Moore has failed to follow the chain of command for how information is released from the city to the public, violated the RCWs about communications between council members, and violated the process for how City Manager-Council cities operate. In no way should she have made announcements at a 33rd and 34th Dems Forum about communications that the city had not posted public information on and that other council members had not received legally.

Please vote to do the following:

1. Censure Cydney Moore and limit her from communicating with other agencies based on what is allowed under Washington State law, the Burien Council Code of Ethics and the Committees and Commissions Handbook.

2. Insist that Cydney Moore abide by her Oath of Office (which she has broken on several occasions) now or face further consequences.

3. Do not allow her to vote on the No Camping Ordinance or any issues relating to homelessness inside and outside the city involving the city of Burien.

4. Contact other county, state and national agencies about the limitations placed on her access to communications/information that do not fall within her role or range of authority as a censured council member.

5. Remove her from all committees on which she represents the city of Burien as a seated council member.

Cydney Moore has publicly stated that she does not respect the Burien Council’s Rules of Order and the Burien Code of Ethics. The Council should take these current violations seriously and vote again about whether to censure her. 

She has clearly attempted to sabotage the work of the City Manager again on this REBLX housing issue and disrupted the communication between Burien, King County and the King County Regional Homelessness Authority. 

She has violated her Oath of Office by not following Washington State Law. If the Council does not censure her or keep her from voting on any further homelessness issues, she will continue to sabotage the work of the City Manager and the Council, putting the city in further budgetary and legal jeopardy. 

She should be banned from voting on the No Camping Ban issue. Additionally, Cydney Moore has opened a state non-profit that is so vague in the description of what it does that it essentially should keep her from voting on any community needs. She has involved/partnered with a member of the Human Services Commission that pretty much should exclude him from voting on most issues before the Human Services Commission.

Additionally, Cydney Moore has violated sign code in the city and at the state level in 2021 and 2023. And she is not willing to uphold the laws of Burien or the State of Washington. It is no longer adequate for the Council to let these things ride until the elections are done and her term of office expires on December 31, 2023. She is damaging the city’s budget, the vagrant campers’, residents’ and businesses’ health and public safety. She has damaged communications between other agencies and Burien. She has severely damaged the city’s local and national reputation, impacting its future economic development, residents, businesses and tax collection base. She has misrepresented who she is to the vagrant tent campers, influencing what services they take and where they move.

See the article posted about the interference of Cydney Moore in the REBLX issue.

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