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Schilling Leads in Burien City Council Position #4

by Staff Writer

Incumbent Kevin Schilling won 59% of the vote in his August 1 primary bid to hold his seat in the Burien City Council. “After knocking on over 2500 doors in the primary, I want to thank the voters of Burien for their confidence in me with 59% of the primary vote. It’s clear that Burienites are eager for a city council that’s focused on tangible solutions to the homelessness crisis by getting folks off the street and into shelter and services while keeping public spaces safe and accessible for all. Voters want accountability for programs and officials, to ensure that we are successful in those efforts, and that city council members are responsible stewards of public funds and trust. It’s also clear that Burienites desire public safety in neighborhoods and commercial districts, as well as thriving economic activity. I’m excited to continue talking to voters through the general election about what’s best for the city and how we can continue to build a better Burien. I encourage folks to reach out to me at 206-948-0381 or visit my website at schillingforburien.com,” said Schilling.

In second place was Patrica Hudson, the Human Resources Manager at SEIU, a significant labor union that poured over $21,000 into the campaigns of her and Brittany Williams. Schilling, who apparently has the favor of the majority of voters, will face off against the Democrat Party-endorsed and union-funded Hudson in the general. However, anything north of 50% by an incumbent in a primary with multiple candidates is considered a strong endorsement of voters. 

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