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Akey Takes Lead, Cydney Moore on the Edge in Burien Council Race Two

Burien News Staff

In the first count on Tuesday night, Linda Akey took the primary lead with 33% of the vote in the race for Burien City Council Position 2. Rut Perez-Studer is currently in second place with 28%. In third place is current Burien City Council member Cydney Moore with 26% of the vote, a mere 73 votes behind. CM Cydney Moore has been controversial in her tenure. It is generally understood that when an incumbent receives less than 50% of the primary vote, it is a sign of weakness. However, the count is too tight to call, and Moore may still make it into the general. 

In fourth place with 13% of the vote was SEIU and Working Family Party candidate Brittany Williams. SEIU invested over $21,000 in the candidacy of Williams and Patricia Hudson. Additionally, Working Families Party provided unsolicited text messaging support. This was not enough, however, to push their candidates to the top spot. 

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