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Cydney Moore Continues to Flaunt and Disregard Governing Process

by Martin Barrett

Burien News has obtained a series of communications between King County Regional Housing Authority, Burien City Manager Adolfo Bailon, REBLX Partners Staff, and Council Member Cydney Moore. They paint a picture of a City Council-member who continues to violate the Council-Manager form of government adopted by Burien at its founding.

In exhibit one, City Manager Bailon reaches out on July 20 to REBLX in Renton following a lead given to him by a council member, now known to be Kevin Schilling. This represents the proper process in a Council-Member form of government adopted by Burien’s founders. Once the potential facility had been located, moving it forward became an operations preview, not for a council member, except as invited by the City Manager to assist.

In exhibit two, we find KCRHA’s reply four days later, laying out issues and the process for moving forward.

Exhibit three shows that at some point in those four days, Cydney Moore inserted herself into the dialog. (Note it is an email mentioning a phone call).

In exhibit four, we find the email sent by Abby to Council Member C. Moore summarizing the phone call.


In exhibit five, the City Manager responds to Abby’s email, wondering why it was sent.


In exhibit six, we find Council Member C. Moore sending a message to all Burien Council Members, a violation of the Open Public Meeting law, which does not allow more than 3 council members to be in private, non-public communications at any time.

Exhibit seven is an email sent by City Manager Bailon instructing all Burien City Council members to abide by Burien’s legal governing structure.

Then, on July 27, at a gathering of Democrat Party leadership from the 33rd and 34th legislative districts, Cydney Moore announced that she had been in direct communication with KCRHA and REBLX and that the option was not going to move forward. 

There are questions regarding the viability of the REBLX option. KCRHA authority seems to be very arbitrary in their decision-making on what does not qualify. However, no council can function properly when members continually violate the governing rules, as Cydney Moore has continually demonstrated in this and in moving campers to various city sites while handing out her official Council Member business card. 

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  1. The Council itself especially Shilling was remiss in not voting to censure Moore. It should be done again. Enough is enough.

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