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Letter: Attempt by SEIU to Buy Seats on Burien Council in Full Swing

Below is a letter to the editor, it is presented as it was sent to Burien-News.com:

Dear Editor,

I wanted to share an article regarding the SEIU. People need to be enlightened about the entity funding and endorsing four candidates for Burien City Council: Williams, Hudson, Cydney Moore, and Krystal Marx. This is where the late deluge of funds is coming from, and it appears they are attempting to buy a seat or seats on our council. There is ample info available online about their history of corruption and strongarm tactics against their workers. They are ruthless and aggressive.

 One of the candidates, Williams, could not be bothered to respond to questions posed to all council candidates by a local publication for the public to learn more about their stance on local issues. She stated in her mailer that she is an activist. Haven’t we been down this road before? The robo-calls and text messages on the candidates’ behalf to local constituents have begun. None of these four candidates has any business near the seat of power in our community.

SEIU 925 opposes effort to crack down on public drug use in Seattle


“At the Seattle City Council’s June 6 meeting, the proposal was defeated in a 5-4 vote. Of the five council members voting ‘no,’ all but one received campaign contributions from SEIU 925. Of the four ‘yes’ votes, only one received the union’s financial backing in their last campaign.”

Shay McBride


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