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Children’s Story Hour Coming to Burien August 5

Dear Community,

With great joy, I invite all of you, especially young people ages 4-to-12-years- old, accompanied by an adult, to be guests at the Children’s Story Hour, called “See You At The Library.”

You will be restored and refreshed with uplifting stories which include wholesome, time-honored virtues of love, faith, hope, kindness, teamwork, etc. (This is what “See You At the Library” is all about.)

Come listen to this Brave Books-sponsored event Saturday, August 5th, at the Burien Library, in the multipurpose room. It begins at 12:00 noon.

I look forward to seeing YOU at the library!


Janette Nuss

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  1. I used no to go the library all the time with my kids. And even my Grandkids. There is no way I would take any kids to the library now. What a shame it has come to this!!

  2. Hi Karen, You are on the same page as Brave Books, Kirk Cameron and so many of the rest of us. That is why Kirk Cameron and Brave Books and have come up with See You At The Library. Let me be as clear as the libraries on this topic when they say, SYATL is NOT a library sponsored event. This is a Brave Books sponsored event. Please go to https:/youtu.be/K43zsw2FYKI and Bravebooks.com for more information..

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