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A Business Owner Calls Out Cydney Moore

Dear Editor,

I write regarding the primaries coming up and a candidate that is in them.

As a business owner and resident of Burien, I am insulted at the actions of Cydney Moore.

She claims to be pro-business in Burien, but she posted on Facebook that if businesses didn’t like what was happening in Burien, they could leave and that she would prioritize people over profit. So, that seems to mean that she is prioritizing drug addiction, mental health issues, and homelessness WITHOUT providing any solutions to try to make the lives of people with these issues better.

Four times they were moved, and the situation did not improve.
Tell us, with your extensive training, knowledge, and results of working with addiction and drug use, how you are going to improve their life and, indirectly, all of Burien’s residents and businesses? Or is it just your opinion of how they should be treated? This displays the greatest hypocrisy and very poorest behavior towards any solutions.

Understand also that small businesses in Burien aren’t the bastion of large profits; we are hard-working individuals that have risked our own livelihoods and finances in order to take a chance and see if we can carve out a living serving the public.

Burien has serious problems; we need candidates that can bring serious solutions for the betterment of all people and businesses that are in Burien.

Angus Wood, Burien resident and business owner

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