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Cydney Moore Fails to Fulfill Reporting Requirements

by Staff Writer

Current City Councilor Cydney Moore, who is also seeking reelection, has failed to comply with campaign reporting law. The State of Washington election laws require filing expense reports, C4s. The law requires a report monthly from candidacy filing through May. In June, the reports’ frequency increased.

At this point, Ms. Moore is 3 reporting cycles behind. To date, she has only reported $47.67 in expenses for her campaign.

C-4 Summary Reports: This report and its attached schedules summarize the campaign’s financial activity and show itemized expenditures for a specific period. C-4s are due:

• Monthly from the beginning of the campaign through May of the election year. If a campaign has over $750 in contributions or expenditures during a month, a C-4 report is filed by the 10th of the following month.

• Starting in June of the election year and continuing through the primary and general elections, C-4 reports are due 21 and 7 days before each election, and on the 10th of the month after the month the election was held with the candidate’s name on the ballot, even if there was little or no activity to report.

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  1. Perhaps her campaign treasurer, Charles Schaefer, is too busy with self-promotion and Taylor Swift Fever to comply with such rules.

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