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Letter to the Editor: Strengthening Neighborhoods in Burien

by John White

Letter to Burien News:

Strengthening neighborhoods in Burien is crucial for the well-being and prosperity of the community. Here is why:

1. Community cohesion: Strengthening neighborhoods fosters a sense of community and belonging among residents. It encourages social connections, cooperation, and collective action. Strong neighborhoods often have active neighborhood associations( like Three Tree Point and “Shorewood on the Sound”) community events, and initiatives that bring people together, promoting a safer, friendlier, and more supportive environment for everyone.

2. Crime reduction: Strengthening neighborhoods in Burien can contribute to reducing crime rates. When residents are engaged and connected, they are more likely to look out for one another and report suspicious activities. Active neighborhood associations can work with local law enforcement to implement crime prevention strategies, such as neighborhood watch programs or increased lighting in public areas. Strengthening neighborhoods can create a united front against crime, making Burien a safer place to live.

3. Local economy support: Strong neighborhoods often prioritize supporting local businesses, which in turn strengthens the local economy. Encouraging residents to shop locally and frequent neighborhood establishments can help small businesses thrive. Strong neighborhoods can organize events like farmers’ markets, street fairs, and neighborhood tours, attracting visitors and showcasing the unique offerings of Burien. This economic support helps create jobs, improves the quality of life for residents, and adds to the vibrancy of the community.

4. Neighborhood beautification: Strengthening neighborhoods often involves initiatives to enhance the physical appearance of the area. This can include beautification projects such as planting trees, flowers, or community gardens, as well as maintaining clean streets and public spaces. These efforts contribute to a more visually appealing neighborhood, instilling a sense of pride among residents and attracting visitors to the area. If we had one contact person for each of the 19 neighborhoods, we could meet and talk directly with people that actually live there.

5. Education and youth development: Strong neighborhoods prioritize education and the development of young residents. They often work with local schools, libraries, and community centers to provide educational resources, after-school programs, and mentorship opportunities. Strengthening neighborhoods can support initiatives that promote academic success, provide safe spaces for youth, and encourage lifelong learning. This investment in the younger generation helps build a strong foundation for the future of Burien.

6. Sustainable practices: Strengthening neighborhoods can also focus on promoting sustainable practices and environmental consciousness. Initiatives such as community gardens, composting programs, and recycling campaigns can encourage residents to adopt eco-friendly habits. By strengthening neighborhoods with sustainable practices, Burien can contribute to a healthier environment and set an example for other communities.

In conclusion, strengthening neighborhoods in Burien would promote community cohesion, reduce crime rates, support the local economy, enhance the physical appearance of the area, encourage investment in education and youth development, and encourage sustainable practices. These efforts create a stronger, safer, more vibrant, and resilient community for all residents to enjoy.

If you are reading this and have never attended a city council meeting to make a public comment, then NOW is the time. Please help our city by promoting our 19 neighborhoods. Sign up to speak; it’s easy. Step up when your name is called, state your name, state your neighborhood, and ask our council to change the public rules back to the original rules (excluding the need to say your address.) We need Burienites to stick up for our city!

Here is the link; stop everything and take 10 seconds to stand up for Burien.


John White

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