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Kennedy High Grad Makes Block Buster Movie

by Kent Palosaari

“Sound of Freedom” is the number one “must-see” movie of the year!
Human trafficking is a $150 billion a-year international business. The US is one of the top destinations for human trafficking and is amongst the largest consumers of child sex and pornography. The Seattle area is one of the worst in the nation and is also known for the most “swingers” per capita (of any city in our nation!)

This is why the movie, “Sound of Freedom,” a powerful film of hope in combating the human trafficking trade, is playing in packed theaters throughout Puget Sound and nationwide. In less than two weeks, it has made over 90 million dollars. Compared to “Joy Ride,” a movie I saw on the same day I first saw “Sound of Freedom,” which has made only 10 million dollars in the same time frame.

The main refrain of the film is, “We, God’s children, are not for sale.” “Ostensibly, the movie is a real-life story about Tim Ballard, a Homeland Security Agent portrayed by our own Kennedy High and UW grad Jim Caviezel. Ballard worked for years with Homeland Security at the California/Mexican border, catching perpetrators involved in the sex trafficking of children. As Ballard comes to know the kids rescued from trafficking, he comes to a turning point. A new, powerful motivation takes hold, from not only catching these criminals, but risking his life to save the children. Caviezel says in an after-movie monologue that the real heroes are the children who must endure and fight for their own survival.

I have seen the movie four times. Every time I cry because it is both heartbreaking and inspiring. You have to go to this movie, “Sound of Freedom”!

Movies like “Joy Ride,” which glorify unrestrained sex, cocaine use, and the devil, portrayed with full-on pornography, were created as a way to exalt a neo-women’s sexual awakening and gender-identity movement and have bombed at the box office. It stands to lose millions of dollars. People need hope, not raunch. They need the healing action of God, not division and destruction.

Go see “Sound of Freedom!” Invite as many friends as you can! Get your tickets early, though, because if you just show up, you might not be able to get in. You will be inspired, encouraged, and called to action!


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