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Pop-Up Farmers Market This Saturday at Cosmic Hen Farm

by Marie Jones

Burien’s Own Cosmic Hen Farm is having a “Pop-up Farmer’s Market” this Saturday!

Cosmic Hen Farm will have a pop-up Farmer’s Market this coming Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 12235 Roseburg Ave. S., Burien.


Some of the wares sold at the last pop-up farmers market.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cosmic Hen Farm, we’d like to introduce them to you. This little urban farm tucked away here in Burien is the collaborative work of Carlin and Lisa. They have taken an empty lot and turned it into an amazing gardening paradise.

Beautiful sun print fabric made by one of the vendors.

The purpose and goal of Cosmic Hen is to have a garden-inspired atmosphere to foster community. This includes monthly pop-up events, and possibly future classes. These gatherings welcome backyard farmers and people with various
wares to come and sell or trade their goods. There’s also the opportunity for visitors to view an amazing urban style visitors to view an amazing urban-style gardening plot right in the heart of our city. There is no charge for attending or for using a space to sell. You do need to private message CHF on their Instagram or Facebook site if you’re interested in participating as a vendor.

This month includes eggs, fresh canned and pickled items, and veggies picked fresh that morning. There will be hand-crafted items as well. For a preview, go to Cosmic Hen Farm.

If you’d like to save the date for next month’s market, it will be
held Saturday, August 12th.

(Please note, the lot where Cosmic Hen Farm is located is not open to the public except at the time of scheduled events.)

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