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July 12th School Board Candidate Forum: Know Before You Go

by Staff Writer

Here in Highline, we have a critical Primary Election coming up on August 1st: District 1 and 4 for the Highline School Board. 

On July 12th, come hear School Board Candidates speak at a Forum from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at North Hill Community Club in Des Moines (20827 3rd Ave S.)  Bring your questions! Meet the candidates!

Local “off-year” elections may not seem exciting, but local policies touch our lives on a highly relevant and personal level. Parents and communities can direct effective, local change by VOTING for candidates who align with their views.

Per the State of Washington, Highline ranks in the lowest 20% of the state, and only 1 in 3 students meet English reading/writing standards, yet we spend nearly $20,000 per student. According to OSPI, only 58% show up regularly to class. Additionally, there are policies that instruct educators to hide vital student information from parents.

If you feel we need to improve these results and policies, then it’s time to vote for candidates with ideas and views on effectively preparing students for their futures as productive community members, parents, and business leaders.

The ballots will be mailed out on Wednesday, July 12th, so here is your opportunity to meet some of the School Board Candidates for Districts 1 and 4. 

Attendees will be Loren Dugan (Dist 1), Mitchell Khayim (Dist 1), Carlos Ruiz (Dist 4), and Melissa Petrini (Dist 4). The other three candidates declined.

Prepared Questions:

  1.  What are your budget priorities?
  2.  How will you address the different needs of all students?
  3.  What are your views on how social studies and language arts are taught in our schools?
  4. What role should the community play in supporting the education of children?

Event Agenda:

7:00 pm Pledge of Allegiance
Introductions — Board member candidates, co-host, and moderator  

7:10 pm Opening statements (2 minutes each)
Questions and answers (1 minute each question)
Audience questions and answers (1 minute each question)
Closing statements (1 minute each)

8:30 pm Adjourn


Ground Rules include:

  • Our goal is a respectful environment where all candidates can be heard equally.
  • Candidates (or their supporters) are not permitted to distribute campaign literature until the meeting is adjourned. A table will be available in the meeting room for campaign literature, cards, buttons, etc.  
  • Written questions will be taken from the audience. Each candidate may participate in the question-and-answer session. Audience questions must be written legibly and will be asked by the moderator. All candidates will be given an opportunity to respond to any question. 
  • All questions are screened by an impartial committee. Duplicate or related questions may be combined. 
  • If the question is directed to a specific candidate, other candidates will have the opportunity to respond. Those questions not specifically directed to a candidate will be answered on a rotating basis as to which candidate answers first. 
  • The moderator’s ruling is final in the distribution of questions. 
  • This is not a debate between candidates. All answers will be addressed to the audience and/or the moderator.

Event Sponsored by Sunrise Financial and Burien-News


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